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Olographic Universe, Bohm and Aliens

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posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 10:23 AM
This is just a little riflexion. Do you know about Bohm and his olographic universe?
If about these theories you are unfamiliar, look here
He thinks we are in an holographic universe and Alain Aspect, in 1982 made an intersting experiment where proved that particles like electrons, in some conditions are non-locally connected. We could say that everything is connected to a unique source. There are some levels that human's eye can't perceive.
Then there is Karl Pribram and his holographic brain.
The real world is another reality, an holographic spiral and if the brain is just an hologram which select frequences, which are transformed in some sensorial perceptions, now what is the objective reality? It doesn't exist. The world is an illusion. We believe to be some physical entities which move in a physical space but this is part of the pure illusion field. We are like receivers in a kaleidoscopic with a lot of frequences, so we extract, transform this kind of reality in a physical reality: is only one of the billions world in this "super hologram"
I don't know if i've done a good explanation...however some infos are here
Well: what about UFOs?
We need to be not alone in the universe or in this part of galaxy (...) so we create our UFOs, in our collective minds, they are just an illusion. Of course, only a part of the UFOs on Earth are an Illusion, but others are man made, natural unknown phoenomena and others comes from underground.

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