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Unidentified Flying Object Sighting

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posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 10:08 AM
WHOOPS Wrong forum! Plz. Move!

That's what I saw when we pulled into the driveway from having thanksgiving dinner. It was higher than the usual civilian aircraft, but lower than commercial and military aircraft. It was relatively small and made no noise, when I should have heard it fine. I told my mother about it and she saw it, but all she said was "Yeah, now help me with these leftovers" and forgot about it. It was moving relatively fast for something so small and so low, much faster than civilian aircraft. I'm always watching the sky, so I saw it easily and clearly. Of course it was dark, about six or seven o'clock here (near Bridgeport, MI, which is about which is about two hours or so North from Detroit). The smaller white lights were flashing irregularly.

What do you think? Jet, helicopter, small plane?

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