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The Real Moon Project

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posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 07:04 AM
Hello, My Name Is Eilizsia.

I am am someone that see's things before they happen, purely be coincidence and understanding.

I am Posting this as a matter of Urgency.

I have recently been given Knowledge of a Plot created by a High Standing Goverment Organisation that Intend to Oneday Fire unmarked Nuclear weapons In the future, to change the differences between stugeling Powers. It has come to my understanding the this organisation is connected to the bush administration.

Right now they either have them or have a Plan to Put Nuclear warheads on the moon, This Plan is to Make sure that People Questioning an insident involving them being used will not be connected to anyone at hand.

The Moon Project is a Cover Up Project to Place a Nuclear Station on the Moon that Manufactures Nuclear Fuel. There may well already be Weapons of mass destruction Placed on the Moon as you read this.

Documents were created prier to the 1960s moon exibition, to find out wether the landscape was effictiant for future contuction ventures.

I do not have the time right now to fulfill the post, But i will eventually.

Please search the internet not only for me but yourselves, I will be back with you all soon.


Code Named


Thank you.

Continued (p1)

The struggeling Powers. America is 1 of the strugeling powers. Along with the middle east. Iran, And mostly the Whole of isreal.

Nato, Is not concerned asmuch with these ideas for a nuclear station on the moon. these are concidered a weak frame of mind proposals, due to the fact that Nato is not fully a worldly organisation for ownership of the moon. Fact not fiction.

In the 1900's this organision had plans to overtake specific governments such as involved with the swiss bank. Hitler was financed by this organisation via the swiss bank. But all didnot go to plan, and when thier world views failed them, The Plans were taken by the american government at the time of WW2.

I have to come back to you soon. I will give you more details.

Thank you ..

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posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 07:09 AM
Hi Eiliasia,

Please can you answer a few questions?

1. How do you experience the "seeing" of information?
2. Can you name your source?
3. Who are the higher standing govt you warn us of? NWO? NATO? UN? USA?
4. Who are the struggling powers?
5. What is this incident?



posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 07:15 AM

Originally posted by Eilizsia
unmarked Nuclear weapons

This is not possible as the fissile material can be tracked back to its original source.

Originally posted by Eilizsia
The Moon Project is a Cover Up Project to Place a Nuclear Station on the Moon that Manufactures Nuclear Fuel. There may well already be Weapons of mass destruction Placed on the Moon as you read this.

If we get to go to the moon to look for WMD, they might actually get me to sign up with the military…

Truthfully though we don’t have the ability to lift that much material to the moon and do it in secret.

On a lighter note:

If you want anyone to take this post seriously, I would at least correct the spelling errors and add some links. At the moment I am guessing you’re about 12 based on the writing style, and you read this somewhere else, someone that you know told you this to scare you, or you trying to pull a hoax on the site.

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 07:31 AM
People will always put out what they cant see. just as the World Trade centre Put Out. I people cant accept the facts of Ownership of other continents via a cover up of helping another country then i guess you are all Blind. When will you open your eyes. See is Only believing when you believe what you see is true. I Know this is true. this is not a passing daydream to be noticed by you. I cant warn the fbi because just like you, they would decline my accusations, this i came here to tell you what is going to happen in the near future. Wether you believe me or not.

I am also letting the Organision know that i Can see what they are upto. I have Seen Blair in mind, In 2007 he will regret futher what he has done and he will try to talk to the brittish people about this. His consience.

Bush is also a welp conserning that he takes order as tony blair does. tony Blair is far more knowledged than Bush, thus Bush will be found out before blair will be..

By the year 2020 we will not forget about it. But we will prevent WW3 before it gets to that stage.



Thank you

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 07:59 AM
Look all I am saying is that if you don’t understand what a nuclear fingerprint is then your visions are already flawed from the onset..

Here look it up: Nuclear Fingerprint

Beyond this I am telling you that no-one here is going to take what you’re saying seriously if your spelling makes their eyes bleed.

Try this: IESpell

This site is not like GLP or other places, folks here are going to be more critical in their thinking about what your saying, so you need to provide substantial proof if you're going to make outrageous claims. Links are always a good way to help you with that. No one here is going to spend half a day looking up links to something because you're making claims, you have to do your own foot work on them.

I would also like to know how they space lifted thousands of tons of material to the moon in secret considering that I live a little over a hundred miles from the Cape and I can plainly see rocket launches from here?

[edit on 11/24/2006 by defcon5]

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