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Boston University Group Sponsors Whites Only Scholarship

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posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 01:47 PM

Originally posted by ANOK
Why do you guys think scholarships for African-Americans were started in the first place?

Because they had an equal chance as whites (Euro-Americans)?
If you think they did then you are delusional.

It's whites that segregated 'blacks' until not that long ago, whites wouldn't give a job
or even the time of day to non-whites.

It's whites that caused the hate to begin with by dragging people from their home countries to take them thousands of miles to work for nothing on white plantations.

Do you not know your own history? They helped, through their stolen labour, to make this country what it is. The wealth you now enjoy is partly because of their stolen labour.

Whites don't need anything special. No boss turns down a job app cause you're white. The country is run by whites, the wealth is in the hands of the whites, the power is in the hands of the whites. Everyday is 'white' day.

If it wasn't for the racist history of your country you wouldn't need 'black' scholarships, but unfortunately you can't ignore your history and pretend all is now equal, it's not.

The whole point of helping minorities is to integrate more of them into society, whites need no help there. You can't tell me you can't get a scholarship cause your white, that's total BS. But even if you can't it's the big picture of integrating minorities into society, instead of having them all on welfare. If there were no special scholarships then it would hurt the country more in the long run.

It would be wonderful if there really was no bias, no racism, no inequality, but history shows this not to be the case. So you 'whitey' you reap what you have sown.

A white only anything is a discusting concept imo I thought we'd done away with. But I see everyday that America is still a rampantly racist country. Yes there are racist blacks but they have a legitimate reason imo. Think about it, how would you feel towards 'blacks' if your ancestors were slaves to them? I can see the silhouettes hanging from the trees now....

1. Ok blacks sold blacks then, and they still do now over there in
africa "the light of the world"lmao Lets get off this evil white guy act. No black in america today was a slave.

2. Blacks don't want to integrate or at least not a majority of them. If they wanted to they would know learn to speak english not ebonics. If they wanted to they would call themselves "american" not seperate themselvse as "african american". I don't call myself a "brazillian portuguese irish itallian russian english american". I'm american.

3. I shouldn't have to give a job to anyone unless I want to. If a black person wanted to start their own bussiness should they be forced to hire someone not qualified?

4. I forgot all white people are rich and powerfull.

5. Slavery didn't transform america it transformed the agricultural south which was destroyed in the civil war. The wealth I "don't enjoy" has nothing to do with cotton that was picked more then 100 years ago, It has to do with waking up every morning and going to work then at night going to school. In fact subsidizing; bastardization as a hobby, housing, food, health, education, and a large police force has all but eaten away at any wealth enjoyed by slavery. Maybe they black community owes the white reperation. Most who take advantage of these programs don't pay taxes. I do though and I want some payback...

6. Actually white people are turned away for jobs cause they are white. Ever try and get a job at modells in the bronx where mostly black people work? How about trying to get a job at coles in port chester where mostly hispanics work... Racism against white people is just as strong as the percieved racism comming from whites. This idea that blacks hispanics ect are pure and whites are evil is funny.

7. If there weren't slaves there would still be a need for black privledges. Take a look at africa, what a jewel of progress that place is.

8. What is white day? As for power and money black people and white people tend not to share much of either. As if because I'm white when I walk down the street I'm showered with cash gifts and job opportunities.

9. Actually I can tell you that I can't get a scholarship because I'm a white male. When I applied for school the aid office laughed at me when I mention financial aid. There was a big book of aid for: women blacks and hispanic. asians and white males need not apply. Unless you have a 4.00 gpa, 1600 sats "old scoring format", extracuricular activities, letter of recomendation, your familly as a whole makes less then minimum wage ect... Think I'm joking I'm not!

10. What is the legit reason for blacks being racist? Cause they were born free and aren't slave? Is it because as a community they can't work together? Is it because as individuals most take the easy way of blaming soemone else for their failure in life?
Last I checked whitey wasn't on every block corner forcing them to act like animals. Next time blacks scream poverty maybe they should look at their breeding habits, which is the main cause of the black cycle of poverty. Once they do that they can start acting like a comunity that cares about eachother. If they could do those two things they would be on the right track. Maybe even demonstrate some personal reponsibility and initiative... Wow what a concept...

As for being slaves to black who says whites never were? Conquest has gone on throughout the ages with both side exploiting eachother. HOw would I fell most likely contempt for those that held my family as slaves.
But that doesn't mean:
1 its an excuse for life.
2 its the fault of all blacks throughout history.

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posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 03:39 PM

The following is a representative list of historically Black colleges
(HBCUs) and their reported white enrollment percentages. The figures
are for the 1999-2000 year.

The "white" enrollment percentages are from various published

Note: White enrollment at historically Black colleges across the U.S.
climbed 16% between 1990 and 1998.

Florida A&M University--7% white
Tennessee State University--16% white
Morehouse College--1% white
Spelman College--2% white
Delaware State University--17% white
Fisk University---0% white
Tuskegee University---2% white
Clark Atlanta University---0% white
Morris Brown College---17% white
Hampton University--8% white
St. Paul's College--3% white
Virginia State University---3% white
Virginia Union University---0% white
North Carolina Central University--7% white
North Carolina A&T University---5% white
St. Augustine's College---1% white
Bethune Cookman College--2% white
Lincoln University (PA)--2% white
Dillard University--0% white
Xavier University---2% white
Howard University---1% white
Central State University--5% white
South Carolina State University--1% white
Voorhees College---2% white
Bowie State University---11% white
Morgan State University---2% white
University of Maryland at Eastern Shore---16% white
Alcorn State University---3% white
Jackson State University---2% white
Rust College---3% white
Toogaloo College---0% white
Grambling State University---2% white
Shaw University---7% white
Winston-Salem State University---18% white
Texas Southern University--1% white
LeMoyne-Owens College--1% white
Alabama State University---6% white
Miles College---0% white
Stillman College--3% white
Southern University---3% white
Elizabeth City State University--21% white
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania--0% white
Bennett College--0% white
Benedict College--0% white
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff--13.8% white
Mississippi Valley College--5% white
Philander Smith College--1% white

Why are we not allowed to have predominatly white only schools? This is the opposite of what a group at say Bethune Cookman would do, however if that was the case, people would accept it because it is promoting an agenda that if disagreed with is labeled as racist.

There are black lawyer scholarships, black doctor scholarships, etc etc, jsut google it. This is not descrimination since there are many, many other outlets for minorties to get scholarships. The problem is you ahve to look, and have try try to attain something. Most self respecting minorities hate climbing on this bandwagon.

I mean, if I was wealthy, and I wanted to reward 5 students each year with a scholarship. but only of Irsih American heritage, would that be wrong? Would that make me a racist?

THese students got the exact repsonse they wanted.

also, here is a link of 15 quick scholarship oppurtunites, that to me seem unfair and racist to caucasians...

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posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 03:46 PM
What a travesty, considering people push diversity as being essential to the learning envoirnment. I guess those schools didn't get the memo. They are doing an injustice to all those black kids who don't get to learn from white kids... lmao

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posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 07:59 AM
Now that we are talking jobs, here is what is going on with my son and his best friend.

My son's best friend is black, my kid is white. Both went to a job finding agency at the same time, filled out the paperwork, turned it in to them at the same time.

Now my kid's friend calls the agency and get 1 to 2 places to check out. When my kid calls ( usually the same day) they tell him they don't have anything.

My son has more work experience than his friend. This whole thing is frustrating my son to no end.


posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 07:09 PM

Originally posted by American Madman
What a travesty, considering people push diversity as being essential to the learning envoirnment. I guess those schools didn't get the memo. They are doing an injustice to all those black kids who don't get to learn from white kids... lmao

I'm laughing as well....

I hope you are factoring in the adverse as well.........that predominantly white schools aren't getting the benefit of 'black' intelligence........

There is a reason why the melting pot of America worked......

because we are not all the same!!!!!

If everything were similar, day in and day out...broad spectrum across the board, then how would we do anything different?

This entire conversation has been lame.....pardon me....but it has been to full of finger pointing....

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posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 08:57 PM
I hope a white only scholarship if formed nation wide.

As it is stated there are all other ethnic based scholarships avalible.

There is no reason there should not be one for the white/caucasian people.

If there is objection to this, then all race based scholarships should be rechartered to include an opportunity for all that apply.

There are probably as many white people as any other ethnic race that can not afford school. Many have multiple children going to college, that have to work because the parents do not have the income to send them. This is true of everyone.

So if a white only scholarship will help a few segregated students receive some help, then that is a good thing.

posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 09:54 AM
Until the United Negro College Fund and all similar race-based scholarship opportunities are removed, there is no reason that there shouldn't be a white-only scholarship. Period.

There should be a White-only channel to compete with BET, a White Pride parade, etc. Why is it only taboo and racist to be proud of your race if you are caucasian?

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