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New technology catches Hitler off guard

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posted on Nov, 23 2006 @ 03:39 PM

New computer software that can read lips at almost any angle has helped make sense of one of the Second World War's lingering mysteries —Hitler's home movies.


The film shows very different Hitler from the strident orator who led Germany into war. At ease among his guests, he cracks jokes and talks animatedly about his love for cinema — his tastes included Mickey Mouse.

Technology I s called Automatic Lip Reading, developed by Frank Hubner
who Happens to be a speech recognition Expert.

Lips makes a shape-->PC recognizes shape-->pc converts shape into sounds-->computer matches sounds to dictionary....

Hitler is shown reading to children, and playing with them. "You be a brave boy," he says to a small Aryan child. "You will be a fine soldier one day."

This technology would prove very interesting while at press conferences and
political gatherings...

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