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2 Party Politics Is Ruining This Country

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posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 08:58 PM
I'm not sure if here is where to post. But after reading Majic's post on what this board is, I think I have the right place. What I have to say, I'm starting out as a general discussion. I have not "posts" to support at the moment. I will get them if needed, but this is to be a general discussion. Maybe with specifics to come in please hear me out first.

We have a 2 party political system. You are either a Democrat or Republican. What about independents or third parties. I think (hell know, that the 2 parties are holding them back) for example.....

I live in Pennsylvania. In the last election the Republicans and Rick Santorum tried to get a Green party candiate on the ticket to take votes away from Bob Casey Jr. What I learned from watching the news and reading the news was...In PA you need roughly 2000 signatures to get on a Republican or Democrat ballot, but need 60000 plus signatures to get on the ballot as an independent or third party.

Is it just me...or does this 58000 plus difference violate our US Constitutional rights? If I want to run as a Republican or Democrat, I need 2000 signatures,, but to run for another party i need to get 58000 more....THIS IS BULLSH*T!!

First and foremost it is discrimination, if it is not unconstitutional. If you want to run for office...You should need to gather "X" number of signatures to get on the ballot. I have not researched this, right now I want to keep this general, but isn't there an "Equal Protection" clause written into the US Constitution. And if not it is nothing less than favoratism.

I recently voted on a "touch screen' voting machine. And to my suprise the fact of where I live and they had this technology was surprising. We are a little community. But I've strayed from topic. How hard is it to add 2, 10, 100 names to the screen?

While yes a part of me can understand this as a way to keep (for a lack of better term) "Whacko's" off the ballot. Who has the right to say they can't run. First and foremost, they will lose. But this method keeps/hinders any other worthwhile candidate off the ballot. There is nothing in the CONSTITUTION that says this has to be a 2 party system. In fac, the USA is a Representative Republic.

What that means that whether we want to vote for Republicans, Democrats, or one armed people who want to marry trees, is that those who wish to represent us should be on the ballot.

With the 2 party system, many of us are not voting for the Republican or Democrat. We are voting for, what we feel is the less of 2 evils. This is no way to vote.

And guess what, if we get more than 2 parties in Congress and NO ONE has a majority. It will benefit the EVERYDAY AMERICAN. You ask why i say this. If you have 5 or parties in Congress with no clear majority, then who is gonna benefit, US!!! While comprimises are going to be made, those compromises are goning to have to benefit the most Americans to get made. Or guess what, the politicians will lose their jobs. With 2 parties you get half or slightly more than half want this! With multiple parties, you get what can we agree on to benefit the most people.

If this isn't a POLITICAL CONSPIRACY...then I don;t know what the HE doub;e hockey sticks is!!!

I'd like some thoughts on this.

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 11:59 PM
Yea i agree and also the U.S. is not a democracy as people always state it, it's actually a confederated republic like it says in the constitution, and has no right to make treaties with un sovereign entities(U.N.)

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 12:49 PM
I've always said it is nothing more than a two-party tyranny. They simply takes turns at squashing the little guy like bugs.

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 09:30 PM
i agree completely. check out this possibility:

automatic run-off voting

not that it would ever be put into effect, but i believe it would give third party candidates a real chance.

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