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ATS – a ‘snap shop of thoughts’ please!

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posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 07:44 PM
I am a regular visitor to this site. I don’t often post replies, and this is the first thread I’ve wanted to start.

I would be very interested to know peoples of onions regarding the popularity of ATS. Rather a vague topic, granted.

I will narrow down a bit (keeping this light cos u guys got better things to think on).

ATS is a fantastic place to read ideas of a seemingly vast range of peps, so I sorta part answered me question already.

Any who: does interest in this site stem from:

NOT IN ANY COGNITIVE ORDER!! – Also not my full list of questions.

1. The instilling of myths / fairy tales in our selves through our cultures over the ages lends our minds to this sort of site/way of thinking about our world.

2. A genuine mistrust of the way things are.

3. A REAL wanting to understand the nature of everything!!! (my favourite – and ultimately unobtainable notion)

4. An innovation in technology (electronic communication) one that is still developing, one that is finding its feet, it has gone so far even in my short life.

5. A natural thing for people to do. (see 3)

6. An attempt to debunk ideas, to propagate ideas or mabey stick more miss information out there?

7. To stick more information out there!

Thanks to any one reading this. It struck me that in all the reading I have done on this site, I have not come across this basic question (one with NO DEFINITIVE AWNSWER). It really is just personal interest, any input will be very much appreciated.

Simple questions don’t always have simple answers!

posted on Nov, 23 2006 @ 08:36 PM
dipsothedrunk :

I would be very interested to know peoples of onions regarding the popularity of ATS. Rather a vague topic, granted.

I am thinking you meant opinions instead of onions? Will I can give you only my opinion instead of an onion as I used up my onions on Thanksgiving dinner tonight.

My opinion of ATS is that it is HEAVILY trolled and posted by disinfo agents from varying sources; you can tell this because they have the same style of written training... must of all went to the same disinfo schools... so uniform you know?
Open information and free speech is a real danger to the oppressive Power Elite of the planet. Any organization for the good of people will be infiltrated as good organizations are not allowed to exist openly.

With ATS I take everything with a grain of salt and I don't sweat the inconsistencies. Matter of fact, I personally enjoy the half-truths because more often then not they are mixed in with the REAL Truth.... I don't rush to disbelieve a story because some parts are wrong. Often there are inconsistencies and inaccuracies in ALL STORIES told. Not everything the disinfo guys say is false. Learning discernment takes practice and this place gives lots of practice to those who wish to learn to READ THE ENERGY OF TRUTH.

I believe we all come from places of 'our truth' and those seeking a unified truth won't find it because it really doesn't exist. Material reality is subjective. Reality is Spiritual.

How it works?
I think it possibly has something to do with the observer creating the reality and that which we choose to observe enters our realm of existence.

We create that which we choose to observe. And so that is what I think this Thanksgiving night 2006. Maybe I'll stop seeing those disinfo posts... hahahahaha

The Theremin

[edit on 23-11-2006 by the theremin]

posted on Nov, 23 2006 @ 08:56 PM
dipsothedrunk -

I think the purpose of ATS is to gather the different conspiracy theroists, and share opinions.

The Theremin -

As for ATS being heavilly trolled, I disagree.

ATS gets rid of trolls faster than ive ever seen a online BB do.

posted on Nov, 23 2006 @ 09:05 PM
Well,at least for me, the answer seems to lie between these two reasons:

2. A genuine mistrust of the way things are.

3. A REAL wanting to understand the nature of everything!!!

I suspect that there are many "debunkers," i.e disinfo agents, on this site.. However,that is a long drawn conversation that probably doesn't need to be discussed here.

posted on Nov, 23 2006 @ 09:12 PM
Well, IMHO ( In My Honest Onion ) I read these forums for the eventual grain of truth that will inevitably show up. As another said, read and take with a grain of salt. On the rare chance that I actually have the knowledge to reply, I truly feel free to. Kinda cool.


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