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Bigelow Aerospace Years Ahead Of Shedule

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posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 06:33 PM

The success of Bigelow Aerospace’s Genesis 1 module, which has
been operating in orbit since July 12, has put the company well
ahead in its plans for bigger and more capable modules that
eventually will host visitors in orbit.

“From a technological standpoint, we are years ahead of where
we thought we would be at this time…due to the success of
Genesis 1,” said Bigelow Aerospace Corporate Counsel, Mike
“At this point, we feel we’re ready to move ahead and tackle
what will be the largest challenge to date for Bigelow Aerospace…
to develop a habitat that will actually be capable of supporting a

At present, Bigelow Aerospace is readying the next space
module mission and gearing up company plans to orbit a human
habitat—the Sundancer—at the firm’s ground control central in
Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now being groomed for flight is Genesis 2.
Its launch campaign will begin in January, Gold told,
with liftoff of the hardware slated for the first quarter of next year.
Barring launch delays, Genesis 2’s flight could come on the early
end of that quarter, he added.


This is very cool, since space technology has a record of getting
behind schedule, for a private company like this to be so ahead
of schedule, is truly great.

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