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U.S. elite - internal power struggle ??

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posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 04:55 PM
While there is wild speculations about every bulls**t I am wondering why nobody here mentions these reports:

“I’m a little late this week because of what I just found out. It seems that a person, or persons, currently unknown, poured molasses into the oil system of several of the Presidential helicopters! It was discovered when a guard noticed traces of the molasses dripping on side of the craft and a through check disclosed that not one but two helicopters had been sabotaged. The molasses would have heated up inside and gummed up the moving parts, causing a crash.

Very few staffers are aware of this which, according to the Marine source who told me, must have happened within the past week. I asked several non-government mechanics I know (my car is always having engine trouble) about this and both told me that this is an old trick and guaranteed to freeze up the machinery.

Add to this the discovery of a bullet impact mark on one of the heavily bullet-proof windows of the Oval Office. Nothing was noticed for several days and then a man tending the grounds saw it. No one knows when it happened but a week is about the closest anyone can come. They were trying to figure out where the shooter was located but apparently since only one surface was damaged, there was no way to figure this out. If the bullet had penetrated and hit the President or some more important object like a desk, figuring the trajectory would be relatively easy. A Secret Service man told me that Bush has had more serious death threats than any other President since Abraham Lincoln but there is a total blackout on such comments. Obviously, new security measures have to be taken but I have no idea what they are. I do note that there are more anti-aircraft weapons on the White House roof than on the Battleship Iowa!”



FSB reports today are describing a scene of turmoil surrounding the Elite Ruling Military Families of the Bush and Clintons in the United States as a series of attacks by Coup Forces have sought to destabilize the rouge regime currently in power.
In the latest attack, according to these reports, the American Presidents daughter, Barbara Bush, upon returning from Paraguay where she is overseeing the Bush Families Massive Compound, which we have previously reported on in our October 15 report titled "US President Bush Makes Massive Land Purchase In Paraguay Ahead Of Expected War Crimes Charges", survived an attempt on her life after being targeted by an assassin while entering her hotel in the Argentina capitol of Buenos Aires.
Reports from FSB sources in Argentina describe a scene of ‘chaos’ as one of the First Daughters Secret Service body guard detachment was wounded by the bullets meant for the young woman, and upon fleeing the scene with her protectors abandoned her personal luggage which could be seen lying in the blood stained sidewalk in front of the hotel.
American propaganda organs, as always, have not released this information to their people choosing instead to describe this assassination attempt as a ‘mugging’, which is beyond our belief to understand as the American Presidents Family are the most protected human beings in the World. Even more incredible than this report are these same American propaganda organs reporting that the wounded Secret Service bodyguard was also ‘mugged’ in an ‘altercation’ in a bar.
More ominously for the American Ruling Elite Families was this latest attack upon them follows by days a similar attack upon the Clinton Family compound in Chappaqua, New York which left one of their neighbor’s dead and another in grave condition. Likewise, American propaganda organs ‘explained’ this attack as being a ‘mysterious shooting’ of the Clinton Family neighbors.



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