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Help - I need some answers...

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posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 12:25 PM
I tried doing different types of searches to inquire about the goings on in my house and have come up empty. So where do I go when I need a diverse group of intelligent people and responses? Why ATS of course.

Ok here's the situation.
I have been living in my house for 8 years. Up until 3 wks ago nothing unusual has ever happened in the house. It's not that old 35 yrs and I know 2 of the previous families that have lived in the house. No deaths, nothing funky has ever happened.
About 3 wks ago I woke up to get ready for work and I was in our bathroom upstairs and I heard the toilet in the downstairs bathroom flush. As the bathrooms sit on top of one another it was an unmistakable sound. I was the only one up at the time. Then about a minute later the downstairs door to our workroom slammed shut. This is a very heavy work door and makes a bang when you close it.
I was a little spooked at this point thinking we have a polite intruder that flushes our toilet and now is roaming our downstairs so I wake my husband to go "look".

Of course he finds nothing.
Later he and my son leave for preschool and work and it's me and the dogs.
My bigger dog is sitting in the hallway as she does when I am getting ready and she is looking at something like it was walking down the hall. She looks until her head goes all the way up as if someone came up to her and she was looking up at them. She didn't bark or anything just looked.

Later at dinner my husband, 4 yr old and myself were at the table and our ceiling fan turns on all by itself. I turn it off and kind of laugh because of that mornings events. 20 minutes later it turns on again this time full speed. I thought perhaps a short in the wire or something like that but we never use that fan and it takes a remote to turn it on. I don't even know where the remote is.

A few nights later the fan came on again and then everything was quiet until last night.

My son was downstairs watching Sponge Bob. I was upstairs folding laundry and BAM I hear the door slam again downstairs and went down to tell my son to shut the door easily.
He was sitting in the same position I had left him and at this time Danny Phantom was on. I saw the TV and it was on and the remote was way out of reach of my son. I asked him if he slammed the door and he said No that it shut all by itself.
I question him more and he said "No mommy it just shut."
Now he doesn't like any of the doors downstairs to be open because it spooks him when he is down there alone so I closed all of the doors when I left him to watch his show. I told him that I had already shut the door and he was insistant saying it shut by itself.
Meanwhile I had my back to the TV and he was sitting in front of me and then I hear the CSI show.
I turn around to face the TV and the channel had changed from Nick to Spike TV and CSI was on.
My son told me he was scared and booked upstairs.

Ok long story I know but I wanted to give as much detail as possible.
What is going on?
Everyone in my family has now witnessed these small but strange happenings.

Can anyone lend any insight?

Thanks ATSers for any help..


posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 12:37 PM
Wow, sounds like a lot is going on,

Can you think of anything that happened when this all started, Did something also in your life change?

I would say from now on you need to keep a log of everything that happens, Get all family members to do this,

Does the Entity seem more around a certain person in the family?
Or even a room or area of the house?

Have you done any work on the house?

Whats the feel of this ? Fear,? calm?

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 12:55 PM
I am not really sure it's an entity. I guess that's what I am trying to figure out.
I mean how could this happen after 8 yrs of nothing?
Did something come into our house? Certainly nothing died in it, so I am not sure.

It doesn't feel fearful. In fact when whatever it was and I am not sure it was anything physical approached my dog, she looked at it or whatever it was lovingly as if my husband whom she adores had approached her.

Two things have changed or happened in our house.
My mom and grandmother moved in for about 6 wks until they found a place. But this didn't start immediately after they left.
And second is I did go on a ghost investigation (my first). But these things started about 1 week before I even left for that trip, then it began again after I returned and got quiet and then started again last night.
My husband joked and asked if I brought something back from the ghost hunt but that doesn't make sense as it started before I left.

Oh and to answer your other ? No we haven't done any work on the house recently

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posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 02:42 PM
I know we have some great talent on these boards.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me at all.

BTW thanks Asala.

posted on Nov, 23 2006 @ 05:44 PM
Thanks for ansering the questions, Im going to have a think about it,

Im sure others here will have some good ideas for you,

there could also be the theroy that its your childs energy thats causing this,

Ill try and find Gazroks thread on something simular

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posted on Nov, 23 2006 @ 06:02 PM
why do you have anything like that in your crib

posted on Nov, 23 2006 @ 06:11 PM
Sounds a bit scary, but theres not much you can do right now, except wait for the next occurrence. Hopefully its just be a coincidence with drafts and electrical faults. If your feeling brave, you could try some EVP recording, but you will need a recorder of some sort. This thread here' is Valhall's experiences with the paranormal in her home. It is a very long thread and spans several years of experiences, but is a must read! Maybe you should send her a U2U asking for some advice.

posted on Nov, 23 2006 @ 06:48 PM
Have you purchased or been given a piece of used furniture? Anyone 'give' you anything lately such as a stone, necklace, pendant? If so, do you trust that person's will toward you?

One must be very careful when accepted and bringing things into their home. Very careful. I smudge daily.

I am Native America. If not, I would still smudge daily.

I know of it powers and properties. I suggest you walk through your home with some burning sage. Tell 'them', "you scare me so I have to ask you to leave. I have a son and you have also scared him. You have worn out your welcome and its time to be on your way.

You should use a bound of sage with a fallen feather from a bird that you found. Doesnt have to be though. Just the sage and meaning what you say will suffice.

Here is what I use to smudge, to give you an idea.

I dont like the meat hooks. I got sick to my stomach with thoughts I wouldnt never conceive me thinking and can picture the hooks. The secret is in those hooks. Remove them from the property immediately. They look so creepy there anyway, first thing I would have done.

The grocer was a sicko. Locate Mrs Jones. She may have been the towns dinner. My lord, forgive me for the evil thoughts this thread fills me with.

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posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 08:21 AM
Thanks everyone.
You know the wierd this is is that it really doesn't feel scary. It's just wierd that this is occuring after all this time.
I am trying to recall if I have brought home or accepted anything gift wise that would cause this and nothing comes to mind.

In fact I do have a very large amethyst geode that sits in my house coupled with smaller cleansing crystals. I have had these for a while and the energy in my house has always seemed and felt positive.

Toasty - I have read Val's thread when it first came to fruition and it's an interesting thread but it seemed like when she moved in that energy was already present. At least that is my recall.

Funny you should mention an EVP recorder because I recently came back from a ghost hunting trip and upon my return I purchased one for my next trip.
Now that I have it I was thinking about doing a recording in my house just to "see" if I can pick up anything.

Everything was quiet in the house the last couple of days so I will see what happens next.

Asala, I too thought about my son's energy but don't know much about that subject specifically. My question would be why now when for the last 4 yrs nothing? I don't know.

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 05:44 PM

When I started reading the opening post I said to myself, "I wonder where the child is in all of this", and sure enough there turned out to be a small child in the house as well.

99% of these cases are simply the children's guardians. They do all kinds of things until the children reach teen age and sometimes beyond.

Because you are going out looking for ghosts your child's guardian decided to give you one of your own. It's doing it out of love for you and your child.

posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 06:04 PM
You people are jumping the gun, like usual..

I am not trying to discredit anything you say DDay, please do NOT take my questions as an attack, I am NOT a skeptic, however, to identify something as unexplainable, you need to rule out mundane causes.

I will address my concerns in order of your report.

You may want to check the plumbing in your downstairs toilet. If the flapper on the inside of the tank is not forming a proper seal, it can cause the bowl to fill with water and eventually flush. You can usually tell if a seal is broken by looking at the back of your toilet bowl after a toilet has been flushed and the tank has been filled. If the water in the bowl is still being disturbed by flow coming from the tank, it will appear as a ripple in the water wear the waterline meets the back of the toilet.

You stated to having dogs that get interested in things you cant see, and a door that slams shut.

Could your dog be hearing your furnace kick on?
Is your door latchless or have some sort of spring that keeps it closed?
Could your furnace be causing the door to swing open enough to slam shut?
Could your dog be going through the door?

As for the fan and the television..

Both are controlled by remotes, which begs the question.. How old are the batteries? Perhaps you should change the batteries and see if that fixes the problem.

Now by themselves, each of these things can be shrugged off, but when they start happening at the same time, it starts to get a little spooky. Couple that with your interest in the subject, and you can see how things can get pretty spooky very fast.

Take a look at some of the things I suggested, if you can start ruling out the mundane, THEN the rest of you guys can start offering supernatural causes.

posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 05:20 AM
The ghost remote... I had one of those for about 6 months, scared the hell out of all of us.

We bought a new couch and as we were taking the old one out... what do we find? A lost remote. Their is our ghost... out own dumb 'ass' literally lol mashing the bottons.

You house is old. It is going to have character and noise. Period.

posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 05:52 AM
try putting orgonite in all four corners of your house and one in the centre
if its a negative entity it will quickly leave.

posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 09:42 AM
Sorry I'm not good at doing the individuals quotes for mulitple people so I will have to break it down by name.

Probed - I really hadn't considered my son as a factor in this because he is 4 and I thought if it were through him it would have started long before now. I will however start paying more attention.

Hank - you make very valid points and most I have already considered. I did hesitate to mention my interest in ghost hunting because I realize it opens me up to ridicule in the subject and also makes it seem like I am looking for this to happen. Nothing is further from the truth.
True my house is 35 yrs old but I have been living here for 8 yrs and nothing ever unusual has happened in it. I am very used to any creak or noise it make or may not make. My husband does heating and air for a living and our furnace and all other appliances are new in the house. None of the piping is original all has been replaced since we moved in. Actually just the structure of the house is 35 yrs everything else in the house had been gutted before we moved in and was replaced with all new.

I had considered the toilet, TV changing channels and even the fan. I mentioned in the first post that I thought the fan was shorting out even. But again these are all happening simultaniously which I think is odd.
Trust me when I say I will first look for the natural cause before entertaining the supernatural. I am very interested in the subject but don't really want it in my house if it were supernatural which is why I came to the board for advice.

Eonnn - pardon my ignorance but what is orgonite?

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 10:35 PM
Interesting situation, and I'm glad you're not feeling spooked. There are situations that are bad, and there are situations that are good. You may be experiencing one of the good things.

Once all outside influences are ruled out (I love the comment about the ghost remote...LOLOLOL!!!) such as improper seals on potties and electrical shorts (which really should be checked by a qualified electrician - wall fires are deadly), one must look at alternative possibilities.

One thought which struck me as I was reading it was the home had several families in it prior to your living there, correct? Perhaps, and this is simply a passing thought, one of the former occupants recently passed over, and has returned to a "happy place" that they feel very connected with. You might have some success in researching this.

I would also ask you about recent prayers. Have you been asking to be shown "proof" or given a messege or sign? Even in the not-quite-recent past, if you have, this might be an "answer to that prayer". A quick example of what I call the wet fleece principle. My brother made a heartfelt plea about 12 years ago that a certain thing occur and he would know what to do about a decision. 12 years later, the specific thing my brother requested occurred, and my brother recalled that prayer, and followed the direction given. He is now in a completely different career, and happy as he's never been. But it was 12 years later that "the answer" came...

(on a side note, I generally ask that any signs be terribly obvious, like a series of pink VWs driving past my house. That way, I'm usually pretty clear that when something is supposed to catch my attention it actually does. I'm relatively oblivious to some things. LOL, and yes, I've seen several pink VWs drive past my house. Very clear indication, no?

And lastly, I would consider seriously that you, your husband, or your child have a guardian who's actively watching out and making their presence known. How excellent, as long as it's "good" and feels fine.


posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 10:59 PM

Originally posted by DDay
what is orgonite?


I might even make some myself and test them in both the house and garden.

posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 07:55 AM
I'm glad you told us that all of this happened right after you went on your first ghost hunting trek because this explains what's been going on in your house.

Obviously there was a spirit prankster at that haunted place you went to and because you are so new to all of this, that prankster picked up on your FEAR -- this being your first investigation I'm sure you must have been a little jittery and that prankster picked right up on that loved it because that's what such entities FEED OFF OF --> They feed off of attention and fear. (actually the energy those emotions emote)
So because of this, that spirit prankster followed you home!

The best thing for you and your family to do would be to first get over whatever fear you are experiencing when weird things happen (there's nothing to be afraid of) and then IGNORE IT. If you continue to NOT react to whatever this spirit does next IT will get bored and either go back to where IT followed you from or IT will latch on to anyone who visits your house whom IT senses/knows IT can 'feed' off of.

Something to ponder: Why do you think there are so many indigneous populations out there who steer clear of those areas deemed 'haunted'? The reason why is because they know that those 'haunting' entities quite possibly will follow the visitor home and cause havoc and commotion in that visitors' household.

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posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by Palasheea
I'm glad you told us that all of this happened right after you went on your first ghost hunting trek because this explains what's been going on in your house.

Obviously there was a spirit prankster at that haunted place you went to and because you are so new to all of this, that prankster picked up on your FEAR -- this being your first investigation I'm sure you must have been a little jittery and that prankster picked right up on that loved it because that's what such entities FEED OFF OF --> They feed off of attention and fear. (actually the energy those emotions emote)
[edit on 27-11-2006 by Palasheea]

Actually what I had said in my first post was that this started BEFORE I went on my trip. I even hesitated to mention my trip for this very reason, people thinking that I either invited something into my home or was wanting something to come in. Nothing is further from the truth.

Further I was not afraid during the ghost hunt investigation. More curious but I was never afraid because I wasn't visiting a scary place.
Nor is whats happening in my home presenting a fearful feeling. I don't feel threatened or scared. I am simply wanting to find out what it may or may not be and am taking everyone's suggestions here on the board and putting them to use.

posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 10:51 AM
Oh? So you went on that trip AFTER all of this started happening in your house? My apologies, but certainly if that was the case and then you started having those problems in your house it would not be too far fetched to wonder if in fact it was something that followed you from that location. This is why people some people have to think twice about visiting such haunted places -- especially those people who are overly skittish and fearful when being at places like that.
Great that you are not one of those but that makes sense because you would not be interested in exploring such locations if you were terrified of them.
At any rate, I think this would be a great opportunity for you to try recording some EVP and even take some photo's. Even if you are not hearing or seeing anything, this is not to say that things will not show up on playback or seen in your photo's after they've been taken or processed.
But once again, what I said before about spirit pranksters also goes for what your household is experiencing now regardless that it's not a prankster that followed you from a ghost hunting investigation. If you and your family are able to not react and try your best to ignore those pranks pulled by this being/spirit, then it will not be able to keep up enough energy to continue doing what it's doing. The more attention you give it, the stronger it grows and so on.
If you are not afraid of it, then all the power to you and I would take this opportunity to get to know it better. Even just being curious about it gives it that energy to keep doing what it's been doing. I think this would allow you to learn more about how such spirits behave and the kinds of things they can do to try to get attention. Good Luck!

PS -- But just make sure none of your sink drains and over-flows are clogged up because I once had a 'faucet happy' spirit prankster. I was to find that more male spirit pranksters than female ones get their kicks by turning on faucets. lol

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posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 11:36 AM
Thanks for the advice Palasheea.
My husband actually did joke about me bringing something back with me from the investigation but I reminded him this started a few weeks prior.
I did buy a EVP recorder for my next trip and plan sometime soon to see if I pick anything up in my house. I am basically waiting on some time alone without my 4 yr old running around and hubby making noise so I can get if any good readings.

Some have mentioned that it could be a guardian spirit connected to my child and protecting him and that's worth a look and hopefully that is what it is. But I will talk to it and try not to feel silly doing so and see what I come up with.

I will post back any more unusual happenings. So far the last few days have been pretty quite but we haven't been home much since Thanksgiving.

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