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We are all being taken for a ride!

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posted on Nov, 24 2006 @ 09:05 PM
"First of all, thank you for your opinions, as in regards to what you may think about me I take no offense whatsoever since everyone is entitled to their opinion."

Incunabula ...thank you for your opinions as well. You are right everyone is entitled to their opinions and everybody has their 'truth' to tell including you and me. Nobody should tell somebody else that they cannot speak or hear their truth as they see it. This is why I think we should not discriminate against people if they are former intel people or whatever if their 'truth' has real meaning to the experiencer. Often disinfo agents will character assassinate so people will not listen to the message. How often in the early years of ufology did we hear the person was unstable, a cook, a misfit and crackpot? Was this not early disinfo that is still going on today to dissuade the public from taking a closer look? Yes it was.

"All you have to do is read a few threads and replies on this website and you'll see the level of confusion that these stories are creating.
It should not be a "business" to play with something that rivals nothing the world has seen before as a collective, without putting the facts on the table first."

Question: When people charge for truth in a Gross Capitalist society is it less true?
How does truth become false when money is involved? These types of assumptions are illogical. We live in a Capitalist society. Who doesn't profit and need to anyway? I don't assume, "Oh they are profiting and making money so their story can't be any good." Why would I assume that? Everything is profit and making money- why discriminate here? Even the Churches profit.. does that make their messages less true? No it doesn't. People write books. Are they automatically lies? No they are not. Your argument is weak to say if 'business' makes the message false. This is simply not true.

Who is confused here? Then they need to work on that concept of being (con) (fused). Yes, fused by the con. You see this is an important exercise that those being granted the experience of being fused by the con could embrace with gratitude. When are the people going to KNOW for themselves? When are they going to recognize the unlimited possibilities in an unlimited universe? Our world is multi-dimensional...shouldn't our truth be too? Why must we have 1 truth to fit for all? Isn't that being boxed minded?

Here smoke these cigarettes there harmless.

You said this with a certain 1 dimensional hubris. But, I will tell you sincerely that it was never the cigarettes that harmed a soul but the belief. I know of those who do not hold these beliefs and can smoke a cigarette, walk on coals of fire and more. I will tell you and the readers here: Mankind is subject to the laws of belief and these beliefs are the ones that limit in this society. Life is not 1 dimensional. Never has been and never will be.

The disinfo agent should know this one more thing- Karma is Cosmic.

I will retire now and leave everyone to their deeper thoughts.

The Theremin

posted on Apr, 18 2007 @ 07:31 PM
Hi, I know James very well. James is used to being knocked, espescially by the NSA who have just ended a 3 month disinfo campaign against him. ( or so they claim to have ended it) But you ever know with them.

James worked for MI6, but he did not go to work every day dressed in a shirt and tie etc.. He was an MI6 sleeper. He was a third generation "agent of sorts". He would pick coc aine up from the IRA amongst others and sell it in London and Brighton. This was and is still done for the British government and involves HSBC and diamonds to clean the money. The money is used to fund Darpa / NSA facilities, and the rest, around the globe. I have shared many military and paranormal alien experiences with James and if he is a hoax then he must have a very large government wallet stashed in his pocket. The amount spent on helicopters and swooping spy planes would feed a small family for a lifetime.

The biggest knock against James was the Lord Marduk info which has now been removed, I will let James explain what happened there. There is much truth in this subject but the information released was all part of The NSA ACTION groups disinfo department.

James is also sent many intel pictures. Some are real, but there are many fakes as well and it is hard to work out which ones are which. James never says a picture is real unless he absolutely knows it is. If we are not sure if a picture is real then it goes up on the website in the hope that someone can come forward and confirm one way or another.

I am happy to answer any questions anyone has regarding James.

Also, the money thing, due to our circumstances James and I are unable to work, we have rent to pay and mouths to feed. We make about £100 pounds a week from the website and make up the rest down the car boot sale. We may have extremely strange lives with sometimes almost unimaginable life experiences but please believe me when I tell you it is far from luxurious.

all the best, GK.

P.S. This is important

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