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Alien Wars Rapture & Universal Collision Experiences

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posted on Nov, 21 2006 @ 05:18 PM
Lately I've been dreaming a lot, tonight I've waken several times starting and ending new dreams. Here are my perceptions:

"The Crater of My First Contact"
It was dark, the sky had no stars. I fell in a crater and all that was light was a haze of fog around the outer edges of this deep, ash-like crater. At first I was calm and comfused. Why was I in this crater? How did I get here? So I struggled to get up, it was as though a lot of my functions we're paralized. There was no sound, no life. I decided to make my way up on the other side of the crater (I fell let's say East of the crater and I'm now making my way up West of the crater). Than a fear struck me hard. Now I didn't want to see what was above and beyond, because I knew I could be spotted. Within this dream I began getting premonitions. It's hard to make out what I was interpreting. I think I was having a sudden OBE (out of body experience) as part of me flew south up over the crater. The dream is getting blury now. But as it ended, a being stood before my sight. It was an ET with a dracula cape on. I think it was an important being. I feared it. It just stood there. Had a big head too. A gray. But it appeared to have rich colors.

"The ET Wand and The Wiseman"
This dream started as if I were here in this world, but with an addition. I discovered a wand. The more I learned it the more my mind was melded with it. As I developed more techniques, it became one with me. Using my left hand, I noticed I was able to conceal it beneath the skin. This wand had the ability to morphe.

I had someone with me, a voice. It said I am gifted with this and that it can be used for good. But beware it has evil purposes. That I will learn to overcome and maintain a control between dark and light forces emiting from this device. I believe this device to be of a ET origin, as I was implanted with it. Why? I have now realized why I was gifted this item. I practice and perfect my imagination, my minds eye in reality. I believe and want ETs to notice this developement. I believe they have contacted me in this dream, and gave me an answere to make my mind reality because, whatever I wanted this device to do, my mind controled it. It morphed into whatever I wanted it to morphe into. A snake, a lions growl, and a wip. (at first practice I morphed it into these three perceptions). Than I showed my family this ability. My mom wanted me to show it to the F.B.I but I was hesitant. This had to be something hidden until I figure out what to do with it.

Has anyone else experienced more lately than the ussual? I certainly have. I've been seeing more premonitions, more ghostly sightings and more odd events than ever. Not from ATS. Please give your comments and your own experiences, that could relate to "Alien Wars Rapture & Universal Collision Experiences"

Thank you

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 06:31 PM
This dream is interrelated to the ET wand. But it does not have the ET device, just the same scenario. As I was outside, 20 KM from the Queen City, chaos broke loose. Everything was really not right. An airline plane heading out from take-off was suddenly halted and defied physics. It just spun around as though it were a toy plane, it darted to the ground than halted several feet from. Just stopped in the air nose pointed down. Than it crashed. The sky grew orangy yellow from sunset, clouds everywhere. I scanned the horizon and noticed a very large object. It was cigar-shaped. I left my physical self and looked closer. The immense detail of this flying object suddenly regained my lost awakened world, I was than aware it was a dream. I demanded to remember the detail of this very object, than the dream ended.

Parallel Dimension or Higher Plain of Existance

Everything was full spectrum. Full of colors, rich in diversity and detail. It was on Earth, or Atleast I thought it was. I took refuge in a building and looked outside. People were running from animals and even more blood thirsty extinctive species. Dynosours. Panic grew because I felt a shudder. An immense beam of energy blasted the sky down and incinerated anything in its path. Explosions of fire and smoke filled the landscape. One thing I do know, is there was a resistance, a war, like in our world but here too. Different. This resistance somehow reverse engineered a captured beam of light, could be a sort of advanced weapon. Though it had the capability to transport. By doing so, we turned into energy and became one with it, though still concious, still ourselves, just in it. We didnt know where these came from. It was something immense, something that belonged to a higher entity, far superior than us. It was vital, that the rescue was stealthy for the survival of the resistances home base. Though near the end, the council feared most. We were doomed. But running.

The President Initiated a Doomsday Scenario, The Public Unaware

Like every normal business day, pedestrians and vehicles did there remote job. Than an announcment broke. Black freight vehicles rushed in the streets unloading unidentifiable super soldiers. A new police took control, people running and being shot. Riots arose and order became extermination. Like always, a resistance formed to combat the army.

The Super Extraterrestrial Entities, Masters of the Universe

Mechanisms displayed data of which I knew than, but could not understand when I awoke. It was something very complex and beyond any human comprehension. Though, the key is, the concious can inhibit a Super extraterrestrial entity with its own unique conciousness.


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posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 02:36 AM
Good posts.

Another Cylinder
Graphic Reconstruction

Cylinders are firmly in my mind and are not coming out. Think there is going to be a resurgence of them? They are the most enigmatic object humankind has ever encountered IMO.

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posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 03:11 PM
Yes, cylinder chaped UFOs. Only recently I've dreamt of them (months before it was posted). It appeared to be tilted and had a structure to it. Nothing to informative but its shape and appearance, unfortunetely.


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