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Love The Biblical Perspective

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posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 11:01 PM
Love is a word, a life, a way of expressing desire and need. There are three types love that were used for the Greek. Philios, Eros, Agape. Philios is a love that you would have for family or mother and father. Eros is a love experienced by physical and natural desires of your self. Then there is the most important type of love, Agape, the unconditional love that is given to us to by God. God has Agape for all his creation.

The Biblical definition of love is given to us under internal and external types of love. The internal love is of natural beauty, inside a fire alive keeping alive a desire to give for love, a relationship, a love for anyone in any situation. The external aspects of love however take on a different type of meaning and application. This love is of all three types of love, and is proven the most by actions of the body. God shares both internal and external aspects of love. The external love is most seen an acknowledged. This is love is the love that is acted upon, the love that supports you meaning to life.

Reciprocal and non-reciprocal love is best described as the “need love or swap love”. The two will go hand in hand or sometimes every bit apart. The reciprocal love is love as in of giving and wanting something back. For the non-reciprocal love is love of that desires nothing in return. It is always natural to expect something in return to love, but true love is done with a heart of love and only that. God does in fact deserve and expect his due of love back. He has done everything for man and us believers. It is our duty to love God, and to praise Him in giving the glory to Him. Jesus has shown us true love, the love that is given to those who are your enemies or those who do not ever receive it. God’s ultimate goal and vision for each of us is to best be as in Christ, to follow on His footsteps and be as Him.

What is exactly Love, the real Love?
Love is best shown and given for all to see by Paul in (1 Corinthians 13) this passage gives the world a full aspect and deliverance of Love it self. Love is explained very deeply within the Bible, and other times of life it is best explained for each generation. True love is only found by a persons’ own freewill to find it. Knowing what Love might be, or how to will never show someone anything. The true and ultimate test of love is time. Love can be demonstrated just by the little things or the most extravagant, but is always and best expressed when it is from the heart. There are 5 love languages that can best demonstrate to someone love. The love we know we can show is by reading and obeying His word. This love language can be best explained best in quality time and pure respect. John tells us in the Bible that “God is Love”, God nature is pure love itself, found only in Him.

The Bible shows us that Jesus told us to the two main and most important commandments of our lives. The fist one is to “love you God” and the second was to “love your neighbor”. The love for God is a love from our hearts, of our soul. In (Matthew 22:37) Jesus tells u how to love God, and it is with to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength”. This same outline is used multiple times through out the New Testament to explain best the truth of what our love for God should be. The other and second most important command is to love others. The most popular verse known by many is told to us by Christ in (Matthew 22:39) “love your neighbor as yourself”. But most importantly and first of all is to love yourself to love your neighbor. God made two humans in that man should never be alone. So it be, there was Adam and Eve.

The love for you yourself is of self truth and self assertion of being complete and worthy. Through knowing Christ and being with God this is achieved. Self love is needed and is ok, not to be taken lightly. Love is a powerful thing, and the only way to know how to express love is to be loved. The love of things of the outward appearances of the world is also taken into grave understanding. This is love can be great and also dangerous as into the love of want, and covetousness. The love for something beautiful of God is no wrong. To then we have to understand the Loves that conflict. It is mostly seen and becoming of us to do an act of love out of self-interest for the better of ourselves. The love that needs to best be used in all times is the love of Agape, the unconditional and self sacrificing love that heals all things. There is a fine line is love of accusation or punishment. In the Christian walk, there can be love help, or rebuking, to help a brother that has strayed off the path to Righteousness. It is always out of love and for the best of someone else.

The importance of Love and its pure feeling is from the character of God. The Agape love is “to be the center of Christianity”. Love is real and true throughout the world, the love is a need and want, God need and wants love just as we do, and He gives us it. Love is so true and real with God; God imprinted Himself within us, in that the ability to love and to love tremendously like no other person can. True love is so wide, and high, larger than we can ever imagine. Love is and will always be the true heart and foundation of all ethics and stability of man.

Love is only a virtue of many given by God, but love is the most incredible and most important truth we as followers of Christ. It will leave us speechless, looking into Gods grace and true of what and how much He has done for us. His love is so incredible, the love to give up the throne for a cross. Love results in the most incomparable joy and endless happiness of true expressive love. God loves us through all times and trials, He always loves us and will never change. For us we have to show God and others our love through: true power, mind, and will; expressing the true way of life, the life of Love.

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