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Significance in the Meaning: Subjective Views...

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posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 09:40 PM
Here is a basic and general observation of the American people and the Muslim people.

For the Americans, they get up and eat there food, Muslims get up and pray. With every time a American takes there time to enjoy there food and enjoy there time here. A Muslim in America gets up and eats food after prayer. A Muslim believes in the 5 pillars, Americans believe in post modernism. There is faith in the Muslim religion for Allah, there is faith for the American that there is money in there pockets and the guaranteed security in any time of trouble.
An American views a Muslim in either of three ways, a person who believes in there own thing, a person that is lost in their faith, or a person who is wrong and is out to kill all Americans.

This is a very general and vague speculation, but what if this was not as it seems? What if this is truly what an American is?

The thing is many children today are being raised in Muslims countries taught to love peace, and that the other people in the world are just lost people of the Book of The Qur’an.

In America children are raised in a life of many different sub cultures, and social beliefs. Each and every child will have his own unique belief and desire in life; most of all which is split into three basic Americans.

The first being a true American, full blooded, blue collar America, with any beliefs or not this American is brought up to fight for himself, hard work is the only way to have an easy life. These Americans are taught the very basic and established life, which is only reasoned and powered by beliefs and true significance.

The second American is a one that is of a stature of Protestant background and is taught from birth the most looked upon simple way to enter the kingdom of heaven. Through this persons life there will be life changing circumstances that will happen world wide that will define this person’s heart and desire for the world. But the largest problem is that of judging and anger, this person will tend to attack what they is wrong with violent verbal attacks, or even physical outbreaks.

The third is just a person who takes whatever happens and lets it go, has many views and different beliefs; it is all subjective to that person and always based a relative position for each view.

So this leads to a total and completely unbelievable response by you members in which of what two ways, a completely objective statement, a solid beliefs response or a full blooded response from within.

Now from just stating that it would seem that I am categorizing that all people on ATS are American, for that I know I am not right, nor are my assumptions above. The truth beliefs for someone change and differ while you read an evaluate any document or piece of paper.

Who knows maybe something above could have been explainable and possibly true, but I know that I am just concerned with the socials issues of just plain assumptions and foul beliefs upon other people that are completely and totally objective in there life, but expecting those relative people to offer some type of subjective meaning in the hope that one day, somehow they will see the truth for themselves.

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