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How ‘High-Tech’ Can Garage Projects Get?

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posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 05:23 PM
Consider efforts such as HybriCraft™ (explore: HybriCraft™), Carter Aviation Technologies (explore: Carter Copters), and Trek Aerospace (explore: Trek's PAVs).

The products these companies could offer are neither extreme, in terms of a technological quantum leap – like straight-up antigravity and cloaking – nor are they decades distant. However, these ‘Garage Bands’ do satisfy needs that may appear too small for a large company to address, while each has garnered interest from the US military. So, I wonder…

Is there a point when a (privately funded) technology development team needs to graduate to the Big Time – and sell-out to a company like Boeing or Lockheed? Is it reasonable or appropriate for an independent researcher to try to bring new technology to markets run by unconquerable conglomerates? In reality, are they codependent these days – even when the smaller entity’s technology supplements or improves upon existing means?

Is the sky the limit for the little guy, or is he just asking for trouble from the Major Players?



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