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What do you believe on everything please reply?

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posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 02:29 PM
OK, I'll give it a shot. I don't post much, mainly just come on here to get a laugh. This qualifies, as you'll probably guess from my responses:

Creation = Load of BS. No scientific evidence to back it up.
God = See above answer
Jesus = May have been a revolutionary in his day, may have never actually existed. Either way nothing like what he has been made out to be today.
UFOs and Aliens = still undecided about this one. Part of me wants to believe that we're not alone in the universe, but then I have to think, why would a super advanced society even care what the little ants on the third rock from a minor star do?
NWO = One of the best conspiracy theories ever invented. No actual facts behind it, but entertaining to say the least.
Greys = No such animal as portrayed by the movies or people who need attention. Actual aliens, again, not sure, but I highly doubt it.
Ancient Giants = again, no such animal
Ezekiel’s wheels = Since I believe in the bible about as much as I believe everything that I read here, you should be able to figure out my response.
Hitler WW2 = One of the best pure leaders the world has ever know. Psychopathic maniac racist, but nonetheless a tremendously highly charismatic leader of people.
9/11 = this is the only one that I may actually believe some of the theories out there. Too many unanswered questions for me.
Freemasonry = an organization of men. No hidden agenda, just private ceremonies.
Roswell = again one of the few anomalies that make me wonder if UFO's are real. Too many holes in the story for me to be 100% satisfied there's nothing odd about it.
Bible = a work of fiction that's managed to transcend the ages
Jews and Arabs = Two religiously fanatic groups fighting over the same piece of desert
God’s chosen people = nobody. No God = no way to choose
Bible Prophecy = No chance. Seems to be self-fulfilling prophecy to me. I wonder if George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry will be seen as a prophets in the future since it seems like quite a few of their ideas are becoming reality...
Babylon in Revelations = no real answer to this one. If I believed in the bible then maybe.
Mark of the beast = The ravings of a bitter imprisoned man 1900 years ago. Absolutely no bearing on modern day events.
Book of Daniel last empire = Again, writings from the past with no bearing on today.
Gog and Magog war = No idea on this one.
Reincarnation = Nope. When you die, you die. All chemical actions in your brain cease and you expire.
Psychic Powers = until it's scientifically PROVEN and results can be duplicated at will, it's still pseudo science. Even the unluckiest of people can get lucky sometime.
Possession = Mental illness that the church has seen fit to try and turn to their advantage
Pyramids = Yes they are there, be kind of hard to not believe in them.
Zodiac = BS...BS...BS. Nothing to see here, move onto the next question.
War in Iraq = Oil. The current administration is doing what they feel they need to do to ensure the way of life for future generations of Americans
ID Cards = Sure, why not. Pretty much everybody has one now, why not have it centralized instead of done state by state?
Immigration = Hmm, Let's see. People want to move to new countries to make a better life for themselves. Why is this a problem or reason for a conspiracy?
Anti-Christ = Since there is not Christ, and anti-Christ would also have to be impossible.

posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 04:06 PM
An old post might give people something to think about, just doing some recycling of some old posts I made, give the newer people a read. See if things have changed with attitudes.

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 03:41 AM

Pyramids = Mysterious structures built by powerfully spiritual people

Pyramids were giant multi use batteries possibly alien in origin as eluded by stargate. In fact the human mind is a stargate, and is a theory discussed by a few over at

The use of psychedelics, along with a ritual in the center of the pyramid, can channel your energy into the ether of space-time or something, allowing you a connection with strange beings either alien or demon or energy?, Im not sure..

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 04:00 AM
Creation = which story is true?
God = not sure, but which one do you mean?
Jesus = a really cool guy
UFOs and Aliens = unidentified and illegal
NWO = old
Greys = wouldn't those be included with 'aliens'?
Hitler WW2 = failed fascism
9/11 = inside/outside job
Freemasonry = bunch of smart dudes
Roswell = cover-up within a cover-up within a weather balloon
Bible = collection of stories to teach morals
Jews and Arabs = continual war
God’s chosen people = whoever came up with the God stories
Reincarnation = now illegal in China
Psychic Powers = a good way to start a phone business
Pyramids = amazing structures from an amazing civilization
War in Iraq = lots of money for Halliburton
ID Cards = better than a chip under your skin
Immigration = should be done legally
Anti-Christ = scare tactic

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posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 04:07 AM
Creation = false and unscientific
God = does exist
Jesus = Normal man but very intelligent
UFOs and Aliens = extraterrestials
NWO = ?
Greys = aliens
Ancient Giants = nope
Ezekiel’s wheels = ufo
9/11 = outside job where the inside knew it would happen
Freemasonry = some religious cult
Roswell = crashed alien spaceship
Bible = just a book with reference to god in a time they thought in another way.
Jews and Arabs = religions
God’s chosen people = Idea humans have invented
Bible Prophecy = nonsense
Babylon in Revelations = nonsense
Mark of the beast = ?
Book of Daniel last empire = ?
Gog and Magog war = ?
Reincarnation = exists
Psychic Powers = some are ordinary "powers" some are just for some people.
Possession = possible
Pyramids = Built by humanrace "landed" on earth form outher space (mars?)
Zodiac = euhr
War in Iraq = to get oil
ID Cards = bad idea
Immigration = fine
Anti-Christ = Idea humans have invented

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 04:30 AM
Creation = Makes more sense than evolution.
God = Jehovah
Jesus = Jehovahs Son
UFOs and Aliens = Disinfo
NWO = coming soon to a land near you...
Greys = Anatomy
Hitler WW2 = Banker frontman/puppet
9/11 = Evil lie, what next?
Freemasonry = blind leading the blind
Roswell = Alien disinfo had to start somewhere.
Bible = inspired by God
Jews and Arabs = you forgot everybody else
God’s chosen people = Those who follow Christ teachings
Reincarnation = Pagan belief
Psychic Powers = Demonic. Why else would god forbid them. Leviticus 19:31
Pyramids = First world Empire
War in Iraq = Oh, that's a war?
ID Cards = don't care
Immigration = was hot topic not any more.
Anti-Christ = Anybody opposed to the teaching of christ
Chemtrails = ooohhhh pretty toxins
Prophecy = They have all come true, more to come.
End Times = So it would seem.
Government = imperfect to a serious degree.
Media = All propaganda. More blind leading the blind.
Hope = Gods Kingdom is mankinds ONLY hope. Daniel 2:44

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posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 04:34 AM
Creation = False
God = Exists inside me
Jesus = Horus metaphorized and applied to the teachings of a hippie who got shafted
UFOs and Aliens = Transdimensional beings as well as nuts and bolts organisms in spaceships
NWO = The Beast with 7 heads
Greys = Transdimensional entities
Ancient Giants = Nephilim from G6 & Books of Enoch
Ezekiel’s wheels = some sort of vehicle
Hitler WW2 = Evil Genius
9/11 = Arabs flew planes while the US stuck it's head in the sand, CIA op.
Freemasonry = The top 1% the soul of the beast
Roswell = Possible saucer crash, equal possibility of military accident
Bible = rewritten to be used for control, some original "code" intact.
Jews and Arabs = No real short answer
God’s chosen people = Those who allow god to choose them and stomp a righteous path.
Bible Prophecy = Warnings not heeded
Babylon in Revelations = "The course of human progress staggers like a drunk, It's steps are quick and heavy but it's mind is slow and blunt" -Operation Ivy
Mark of the beast = Social Security number for the US
Book of Daniel last empire = No answer now
Gog and Magog war = No answer
Reincarnation =All is one
Psychic Powers = Perception is reality, perceive reality as putty and it is so.
Possession = Belief of possession
Pyramids = From Advanced Civilization v 1.0 disrupted by cometary impacts (Wormwood)
Zodiac = Clock, Calendar, preservation of knowledge
War in Iraq = The Capitalist Crusades
ID Cards = Proof of mark of beast
Immigration = Globalization plan.
Anti-Christ = anyone who is against christ's ideas, only when it's someone influential does it become an issue. Some antichrist think they're doing jesus's work as their JDAMS rain down on brown people.

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 05:12 AM
Creation = Evolution
God = Early mans way of justifying existance
Jesus = a man
UFOs and Aliens = They exist not sure if they are here.
NWO = The natural progress of a developed world
Greys = the new bigfoot
Ancient Giants = Storys spread between early man
Ezekiel’s wheels = natural phenomema
Hitler WW2 = Just a madman with a vison, happens everynow and then
9/11 = Blowback for the Us goverment, quite likely allowed to happen
Freemasonry = Just a group of old men rasing money for charitys
Roswell = Somethng happened & it was not a balloon
Bible = an intresting read
Jews and Arabs = Son of Isaac and son of Ishmael
God’s chosen people = Depends on what god you wanna worship
Bible Prophecy = People always look for the doom n gloom
Babylon in Revelations = Anything really Iraq, The USA the UK
Mark of the beast = Its technology, what we create will destroy us!
Book of Daniel last empire = USA
Gog and Magog war = Again could be a lot of potential conflicts this one
Reincarnation = A certain appeal
Psychic Powers = Evolution
Possession = Mental illness
Pyramids = A great show of human ability
Zodiac = Same as God. Early man trying to justify existance
War in Iraq = A clumsy attempt to control a dwindling source of fossil fuel
ID Cards = Again as with NWO, its sad but this is a natural progression for the kind of technological society we live in.
Immigration = A form of population control
Anti-Christ = All of us are good & bad no one is pure good no one is pure evil.

They were good questions! It allowed me to put some of my own thoughts into perspective.



posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 07:47 AM
reply to post by The time lord

Creation = obvious
God = if you want to call it that.... I prefer intelligent design/creator
Jesus = famous philosopher/teacher
UFOs and Aliens = possibly exist/ very doubtful will ever be discovered/recognized by humans

NWO = organized crime of the highest level
Greys = yeah right
Ancient Giants = exaggeration
Ezekiel’s wheels = not familiar with this
Hitler WW2 = no opinion really. Winners write the history books. It may be that Hitler fell victim to propoganda and smear campaigns similar to the Confederate States of America (which continue to this day). And/or he may have been a puppet of the Illuminati.

9/11 = NWO
Freemasonry = a great way to distract conspiracy theorists and sell books.

Roswell = something very important, not of extra-terrestrial origin
Bible = Word of man/fairy tales/brainwashing/some truth/
Jews and Arabs = all human
God’s chosen people = propoganda
Bible Prophecy = more propoganda
Babylon in Revelations = more propoganda
Mark of the beast = some ancient society had experience with this, therefore the warning... BAD!!!!!

Book of Daniel last empire = not really familiar with it
Gog and Magog war = again not familiar
Reincarnation = body and energy are "recycled"... nothing more (dust to dust)

Psychic Powers = of course. unlimited potential. humans currently only use a very tiny fraction of it. we haven't yet discovered how to use it.

Possession = "the devil made me do it" bullcrap
Pyramids = we may never know
Zodiac = no clue
War in Iraq = NWO power grab and extortion/theft of american wealth
ID Cards = Human rights being lost... ditto
Immigration = legal or illegal? too broad of topic to comment here
Anti-Christ = propoganda / scare tactic / government=anti-christ

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 08:41 AM
Creation = doubtful
God = might Exists
Jesus = might be Son of God
UFOs and Aliens = Extraterrestrials
NWO = Exists
Greys = Evolved humans on a world line that went wrong.
Ancient Giants = no proof
Ezekiel’s wheels = don't know
Hitler WW2 = Christian zealot
9/11 = Inside Job to secure America's bid for World Empire
Freemasonry = don't know
Roswell = Is a real story fiber optic cable, silicon disks, the list goes on
Bible = written by men
Jews and Arabs = why we will never have world peace.
God’s chosen people = only people named JoeDonBillyBobBaker
Bible Prophecy = interesting
Babylon in Revelations = USA
Mark of the beast = The Verichip
Book of Daniel last empire = USA
Gog and Magog war = Russia and China
Reincarnation = Has truth to it.
Psychic Powers = Human powers
Possession = 9/10 of the law and why USA has 5th largest prison population
Pyramids = built by advanced human civilization
Zodiac = more accurate than bible
War in Iraq = stupid
ID Cards = Human rights being lost
Immigration = The borders should be secured. Both the Canadian and Mexican border
Anti-Christ = Ann Coulter

[edit on 23-9-2007 by LDragonFire]

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 09:29 AM
Creation = Truth
God = Everything that exist and that has ever existed, including ourselves
Jesus = Existed and was an example for what we can all be and do.
UFOs and Aliens = Both exist
NWO = International bankers and other wealthy elite. The biggest corruption ever.
Greys = Don't know if they exist.
Ancient Giants = probably a myth
Ezekiel’s wheels = halucination
Hitler WW2 = sponsored by corporate U.S.A.
9/11 = just one of the hundreds or thousands of mass murders committed in the last 100 years. You don't know about those because they usually benefit the corporate world.
Freemasonry = secret society
Roswell = shown to be a fact
Bible = diluted translation of past events
Jews and Arabs = religious people
God’s chosen people = don't exist. We are all part of God.
Bible Prophecy = probably won't happen
Babylon in Revelations = no such thing
Mark of the beast = no such thing
Book of Daniel last empire = no such thing
Gog and Magog war = no such thing
Reincarnation = could be that it exists, more research need to be done.
Psychic Powers = scientific proof done at PEAR institute and other universities.
Possession = perhaps real, perhaps not
Pyramids = built by man
Zodiac = dunno much about it
War in Iraq = illegal war for corporate and banking profit
ID Cards = none.
Immigration = should be allowed, but legally
Anti-Christ = There is no such thing

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 09:29 AM
Here's hoping this is not a data-mining excercise tartgeting ATS!

Creation = True in as a beautiful metaphor for Divinely inspired Intelligent Design or (gasp!) evolution
God = Exists
Jesus = Hopefully Son of God but maybe a Divinely inspired prophet and leader of men (isn't this the essence of faith?)
UFOs and Aliens = Possible and likely, arrogant to think not.
NWO = Yes, but most likely not well-organized and conspiratorial - just greedy and selfish elite clinging to power by any means neccessary
Greys = See UFO's and Aliens above
Ancient Giants = Possible. Dinosaurs were big - something to do with oxygen levels on ancient earth
Ezekiel’s wheels = metaphor for something?
Hitler WW2 = See NWO above, add a little paranoia and sadism
9/11 = Most likely LIHOP - tirangulation as a tactic - definitely planes and islamic extremists
Freemasonry = Who knows? Likely different agenda now than originally intended.
Roswell = Something happened - see UFO's and Aliens above
Bible = A beautiful metaphor and book of teachings mostly pertaining to issues and places that don't exist anymore, possibly Divinely inspired but written by people with an agenda. Still valuable and useful as a code of conduct and moral parable.
Jews and Arabs = Tired of them both
God’s chosen people = Who? Does anyone really stand out? He's probably tired of all of us.
Bible Prophecy = Metaphor for the early church and geopolitical struggles.
Babylon in Revelations = Metaphor for the early church and geopolitical struggles.
Mark of the beast = Metaphor for the early church
Book of Daniel last empire = Metaphor for the early church and geopolitical struggles.
Gog and Magog war = Again, metaphor for something irrelevant to current times
Reincarnation = A beautiful religous concept that dovetails with science - matter is neither created nor destroyed, merely changed. Very likely.
Psychic Powers = Possible due to some extra-ordinary brain glitch or higher level of consciousness
Possession = Hope not
Pyramids = Possibly evidence of anvanced ancient civilizations and technology or an ancient world-wide religion. Maybe both.
Zodiac = Interesting, entertaining and possibly dangerous if taken too seriously
War in Iraq = Triangulation as a diversionary tactic to obscure real problems (Consolidation of Power) and a War for Oil
ID Cards = Hope not / more Consolidation of Power by the elitist PTB
Immigration = The creation of a servant class for Corporations and the PTB to exploit for profit. Also meant to dismantle our national U.S. identity in order to divide, conquer and exploit for profit.
Anti-Christ = Hope not

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