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Dutch Plan to Ban Burqa as “symbol of social division”

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posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 12:13 PM
An interesting news article I saw today raises a very timely question.

Dutch plan to ban burqa days ahead of election
The ban on the burqa announced by hardline Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk came almost a year after the cabinet began considering the issue.

Verdonk, who said she regarded the burqa as “a symbol of social division,” expressed broad support at the time but added she suspected there might be legal problems and that experts were to report on the issue in January this year.

I do find that this seems to be true. Despite the claims from Muslims that the Burqa is freedom for women, the garment itself is a barrier in more way than one. What exactly does wearing the Burqa imply? That women are animals to be drooled over and must be covered up? That men are powerless to contain their lust? In these hard-line Muslim societies, women are forced to wear these pieces of clothing to keep them from interacting with men, but it doesn't stop there.

After living In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 4 months it became very obvious to me that women are not even second class citizens. You would see a man driving down the road with a goat in the front seat, while his wife sat in the back. It was actually illegal for women to even ride in the front. Of course that means that they are unable to drive.

Most places you can go to eat dinner, require women to stay outside or enter through a back door and dine in a women's section. It almost reminds me of the racial tension that the United States had in the late 20th century. We've gotten past letting blacks go to the same schools, and they can use the same door in a movie theater as white people. We would think it was repulsive to suggest otherwise. Yet we still wink and nod at a religion that suppresses half of it's population and treats them as cattle. It's okay, they can mistreat their women cause they're Muslims. That's just normal for them.

Other than being a social division, the Burqa is also used as a tool to control young Muslim men. Women are off limits completely. Even the visual pleasure that men enjoy is taken away. Curious that the men are promised a whole score of women in the after life. No! No women now for you but if you behave, we'll give you dozens of them. Again, the women are less than people in this analogy. Just animals to be fawned over in paradise. Just objects of lust to be taken. Why the barrier on actually talking to and at least seeing women as actual people? It's no wonder that some men even rush to kill themself to attain this prize. Reproductive urges in young men are almost as strong as the desire to eat and breathe. Is this yet another tool used by the powers-that-be to keep the masses in control?

Should the Burqa be banned? I suspect that this is the wrong question. It goes well beyond the clothing the women in this religion are required to wear. If it were just the clothing then women would be treated as equal partners and be allowed basic rights such as driving a car. Should Islam be allowed? That's closer to the question that is being presented by the Dutch today. Is this religion a system of oppression and checks to keep their leaders in complete power and the people under complete control?

You're a prisoner so you have to wear this

You're a jew so you have to wear this

You're a woman so you have to wear this

It's all about control.

[edit on 20-11-2006 by dbates]


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