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The Blue Faced Man In My Dream.

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posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 09:00 AM
When I was young I had this dream (I was a kid at the time) and I can't remember much of it but there is this one part of the dream I can remember good.

I was in this building with my mother. I remember that the building was in dirty. The building wasn't falling apart but it was in pretty bad shape. The walls were brown.

Well, we were walking up two flights of stairs. The flight of stairs weren't long though. At the top of the second there was a door. When we were at the bottom of the second set of stairs the door opened. Standing in the door way was this man. He had black medium length hair. He had bushy, but not overly bushy, eyebrows.

But the thing I remember most about his face was that it was blue. It wasn't like his face was painted blue. It was like it was a natural skin color. It was the actual color of his skin.

I think why I remember this it because of the atmosphere of the dream. The building had a creeping feeling to it. The man in the dream was even creepier. And I think there may have been a couple other men in the room as well. I often thought this dream meant something. Like something that happened to me or someplace I was when I was young that I just can't remember or something.


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