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German Gunman Dies In School Shooting

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posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 07:11 AM
A gunman was found dead in a school in Germany. This was after shooting several students and a teacher. It is also being reported the explosives were found on the gunman's body. Police have not yet said how the man has died, though they have said that he is a former student of the school. The shooting has brought back memories of another school shooting in 2002. A total of eight people have been reported injured in this shooting although none seriously.
According to reports, explosive material was found on the body of the man, who had entered the school in Emsdetten at 0830GMT.

Police have however not yet said how the man, who is reported to have been a former pupil of the school, died.

While resolved, the incident stirs unhappy memories of 2002, when a former pupil killed 18 people in his school.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

When I first read this I though something to the effect of hear is another one. Then I read that there were explosives on the body, then I thought that maybe this is an act of terror. This story is still unfolding so I expect that question will be answered. However I now wonder why it is that students are going to schools where they did or are attending and killing people. Is it just the fashionable thing for crazy people to do? Or is it the government is testing some designer drug in the water?

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