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The Parable Of The Hungry Boy and The Confident Boy

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posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 12:35 AM
There once was this boy.. he was sleeping.. in the wilderness. no idea how he got there, and no idea where to go..

this boy finally woke up

looked around in bewilderment

and noticed he hungered

so he set out to find food

so he got up and looked around

and decided to find a path

so he walked and walked looking for a path... finally stumbled upon, what looked like a good path

so he walked that path, still hungry

when finally he came upon another boy

and this boy looked different

confident and aware.

the confident boy stood at an intersection

where the path forked into two seperate ways that ran parallel

the confident boy held his arm out greeting the other boy down the other path

so the hungry boy decided to walk up closer to inspect

upon closer inspection the path the boy showed him looked no different than the one he was already on

so there he stood

trying to make a decision

but he was thinking.. if I go with the boy, there will be less food for me, if and when we find some

and I may not be filled

so he thought long and hard.

and decided to go the confident boys way.. because he was curious

so they walked and walked, and eventually came to a huge fence that stopped their progress

the fence went across both paths

the one the confident boy showed him, and the original path

although on the path with the boy, he had someone to open the trap door in the fence and hold it open as he crawled thru.

he noticed that, had he gone the other way, he would have been stuck

but the path with the boy, he was able to work together to get past the wall

as they kept walking..

the hungry boy was focused on the other path

and how difficult it was.

but he was so glad he went on the other path. with the confident boy

the hungry boy is us as newly borne children.. the confident boy is the one who knows himself and who is full. They are both the same person.

the thing to remember here is, that the boy was focused on the other path while he was walking the good path.

lets rewind time for a minute

the hungry boy decided he was going to go on his original path

so he wandered by himself.. and noticed the confident boy continued on the other path

the boy remains a boy, because he is full

the hungry boy gets stuck at the wall

and ponders for many years

hungry and growing weak, because he is not full

ponders how to climb or get beyond this wall

the wall is death.

as he sits looking at this wall, he glances over at the other path, and the confident boy.

the confident boy, is still a boy.

he is small.

so he is able to crawl thru the hole in the wall with no assistance

but not the hungry boy is an old man, and too big to fit thru the hole without someone to hold the door open

but as the old man stands there.. he is focused on the easy path

yet he walks the hard one.

and when he walked with the confident boy, he was focused on the hard path.

yet he walked the easy one

posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 12:41 AM
on the one path.. the hungry boy walked alone, with hunger and was unable to conquer the wall, or conquer death... for he was hungry and weak.

on the other path.. the hungry boy walked with the confident boy, in other words.. the hungry boy walked with fullness,

and with fullness the hungry boy overcame the wall, he overcame death.

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