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Russian Defector Poisoned

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posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 10:33 AM
Wow that is a lot of information, but thanks. It is interesting how corperations are playing a roll in this now. I have heard other situations where corperations are killing people. Namely the drug companies.

And yes it is still just a theory.

posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 10:52 AM

yes it is still just a theory.

Speaking of theory, I keep waiting for someone to start claiming that moon aliens poisoned him, since Polonium has been found on the lunar surface.

Oops, didn't mean to start a new conspiracy. (Move over John Lear)

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posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by danwild6
Alexander Litvinenko a former Russian security service agent that defected to the UK was poisoned with the toxic heavy metal thallium. Alexander Litvinenko is a staunch critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Litvinenko was purportedly investigating government connections to the assassination of government watch dog journalist Anna Politkovskaya. Mr. Litninenko was having lunch with an Italian informant named Mario Scaramelia at a sushi restaurant celebrating the sixth anniversary of his arrival in Britain when he was poisoned. Scaramelia is believed to have connections with Russian intelligence.
A Russian security service defector is in a critical condition at a London hospital after being poisoned in a plot worthy of a Cold War novel by John le Carré.

Alexander Litvinenko, a former lieutenant-colonel with Russia's FSB security service and a staunch critic of Vladimir Putin's regime, fled to Britain in 2000, saying he feared for his life. Yesterday, the Metropolitan Police said he was in a "serious but stable" condition after tests confirmed traces of rat poison called thallium in his body .

The 44-year-old defector, who was sentenced in absentia for treason in Russia, was taken to hospital when he began vomiting violently. His hair has also fallen out and it is understood his kidneys have been damaged by the effects of the dose of thallium. The heavy metal, which is hard to obtain in the UK, damages the nervous system and lungs. Colourless and odourless, it is used in rat poisons in the Middle East.

Mr Litvinenko has told associates he became ill after lunching in a sushi restaurant in London on 1 November, the sixth anniversary of his arrival in Britain. He gained full British citizenship last month.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Well Russia back to USSR. I understand when a Russian tells me that Russians aren't well suited for American style democracy but we're not talking democracy any more this is just plain good old KGB style tactics. Does anyone here believe democracy stands a chance in Russia anymore?

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Scroll through this thread for updates and discussion.

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democraacy in russia?!! hell no. russia is the same old dictatorship mess it was in the 1900's.

vladmir putin would kill his own people in aheartbeat if he found out something wrong with them.

posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 11:59 AM
Conspiracy master,
Every thing you said about democracy in Russia is noted, however I think it might be a good idea to hear what some people living in Russia think about democracy or the lack there of.

So is anybody in Russia reading any of this?

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 12:22 PM

Originally posted by makeitso

The person the FBI were talking with about the case has since had an interview with the BBC. He indicates that Litvinenko was hired by by a British company to research information on particular people in a particluar Russian company, so that the British company could decide to invest in the Russian company or not. The information Litvinenko provided caused them to not invest, and Mr. Shvets speculates that is what brought on the "assasination".


very recently Gazprom started making moves to take controling interest of the world's biggest liquefied natural gas project, Sakhalin-2, which Royal Dutch Shell 55% control of.

Interesting... Gazprom, Sakhalin-2, etc.


What did I say again?

And what is this? :

U.S. eyes possible Russian oil crime link - Business

Dec 22, 2006

U.S. officials are checking allegations that one of Russia`s reputed top crime figures may be involved in multibillion-dollar natural gas deals with Ukraine.

A far-reaching investigation, coming at a time that Europe`s dependence on Russian energy supplies is growing, focuses on Semion Mogilevich, 60, one of the FBI`s most wanted men, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

It points up U.S. concern that the Russian mafia may spread its influence in the energy industry.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.


posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 12:39 PM


Interesting... Gazprom, Sakhalin-2

And here I thought that I slid that one in there without anyone catching it .

Heres an update about Gazprom - Sakhalin-2 status. Russia now has control of the worlds largest natural gas project.

Dec 22, 2006 - 08:53 AM
Russia's state controlled gas monopoly Gazprom has purchased 50 percent plus one share in Sakhalin Energy , the project operator of Sakhalin-2 oil and gas venture in the Far East, for $7.45 billion, in a deal that consolidates Putins control over Russia's energy resources.

After the agreement, Putin said environmental concerns about the project had been essentially resolved.

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 01:44 PM
Here is an article that loosely ties it all together. A sort of a "key" to the puzzle if you will.

The article is speaking of the KGB breakup back in the '90's

Those (former KGB) not in politics have also found numerous ways to make a living - most notably by opening the private security companies that mushroomed in privatization-era Russia or by entering the service of the oligarchs, who [u/employed hundreds of former KGB officers to provide both security and intelligence.

Not surprisingly, the largest of these private security groups is the one at the disposal of Russia's aggressive Gazprom monopoly.

On 10 April 2005, a masked gunman shot dead retired FSB Colonel General Anatoly Trofimov, the former chief of the FSB's Moscow branch. During his career in the KGB/FSB, he specialized in combating corruption. Litvinenko described Trofimov as a behind-the-scenes critic of the Kremlin's policies in Chechnya who had opposed the 1998 appointment of Putin as FSB director.

On 24 September 2004, 42-year-old Roman Tsepov, the director of an elite private security company based in St Petersburg, died of severe radiation sickness brought on by a mysterious substance he had ingested. Tsepov was also given license to act on behalf of the Kremlin in some of its most delicate deals, including talks with beleaguered oil giant Yukos. ~ many trails lead back to Tsepov's myriad business connections - which included influence in everything from casinos to ports to pharmaceutical companies.

Igor Klimov, a colonel with the SVR, was shot dead on 6 June 2003. ~ several arrests were made in the case that suggested his death may have been tied to a property battle between criminal organizations.

So now we have Litvinenko, also killed by radiation sickness. He was also a former KGB agent who investigated corruption. He also says that Putin is dirty. He was also working with private Russian "security companies". He was also researching Yukos. He was also working on investigating some very prominent Russian "businessmen" in a Russian business. Perhaps Gazprom?

Is Putin working hard to monopolize the energy resources that impact half of the world, using shadow figures from private security agencies who are controlled by corrupt underground mafia like figures?

If Putin is corrupt, and Gazprom and Yukos are run by corrupt busnessmen via corrupt ex-KGB "security agencies", you have to ask yourself. Would they kill Litvinenko so that they could move forward with their plan to dominate the worlds energy resources without further investigation into their business dealings?

If the above is even half correct it seems to have worked. Have you seen anyone else reporting about Litvinenko's death and this possible link to the monopolization of the worlds energy sources?

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 03:09 PM
The contact that Mr. Litvinenko met at the time of his poisoning has now been arrested.

BBC News

Police have arrested an Italian man who met Russian former spy Alexander Litvinenko the day he fell ill from poisoning, Italian news agencies said. The two men met at a London sushi bar on 1 November. Mr Litvinenko died on 23 November from radiation poisoning. Mario Scaramella is being investigated in Italy for arms trafficking and violating state secrets. Scotland Yard said the arrest in Naples was not part of their investigation into Mr Litvinenko's death.

As of now police have stated that the arrest is not related to the Litvinenko investigation.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 04:16 PM
Russian prosecutors have confirmed that they are investigating a former manager of the now defunct russian oil giant YUKOS for possible involvement in the Litvinenko case. The man under investigation is named Leonid Nevzlin.

Mr. Nevzin's spokesperson responded to the allegations saying "Everyone knows the KGB's methods. These statements are ridiculous and do not warrant a response." A number of Mr. Nevzin's supporters have made statements accusing the Kremlin of alterior motives. The head of the holding company managing Yukos assests claimed "This is a typical, predictable Russian government ploy," Tim Osborne told Reuters by telephone.

"They are trying to blame Nevzlin but everyone else believes that either the Russian government or the FSB were behind the murder of Litvinenko. This is just a conjecture to throw the heat off them,".

Another of Mr. Nevzin's supporters a friend named Alexander Goldfarb stated that the allegations were "sheer nonsense."

"This statement is a very clumsy effort to shift the blame for this murder and it only adds to the suspicion that the Russian government is standing behind this murder,"

Yahoo Link

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