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posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 09:52 AM

It seems like there should be a place to discuss this.
(my recommendation will be to have another forum that is really for those who want comments from across more than one forum group. i.e. science, paranormal, etc.)

I had a thread moved concerning souls.
It went to the faith, spirituality & theology.
I had specifically mentioned I did not want to approach this from that point of view as I want proof.
If anything science, with those coming from religion, paranormal, and yes, medicine & science.
(After all, if a soul is a neuro net work, then its not spiritual)

Point being, it got moved, after it had a good momentum.
I did the appropriate thing, and posted a complaint, and sent a U2U to the mod who moved it questioning what happened.

Then I made a thread called, "when threads are moved"
This was meant to be open discussion for the ATS community to address this topic.
It to got moved, apparently to complaints, as I wasnt able to view it as a regular thread to discuss.

So here I am in this forum. ATS Business and questions.
I have a question, is there not a thread where we can talk about procedures of ATS and how things operate. Seems like there was a thread before where we could try to post and help improve the flow.

I think this is a good case, as sometimes there are threads that dont fit in one box...and as was made clear in my thread, I did not want to approach the topic of soul from a faith, theology based view.

It was my understanding that is why there was kind of a general forum in ATS.
And it seemed to work, as there were numerous responces across the field. Excellent.
It provoked great thought, not just the typical responce from just one point of view.

Should we not add another forum? A forum for cases like this that span a few topics?
Maybe I should have put it in skunk works, but that really is for odd conspiracies, not combining science, paranormal, and religion.



posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 10:00 AM
Why don't you take this up with the council members instead of creating multiple threads about something you're unhappy with? The council members are there to listen to the member's ideas on improvements and then present those as possible changes to the board.

They should be able to help you.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 10:01 AM
And P.S. - I don't understand why you think there needs to be a general forum. Your posts in one forum still show up on the new post list to all members irrespective of what forum you post in.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 10:13 AM

First off I made one other thread.
"when threads are moved".

It was moved to moderators only.

So I made this one. Its not multiple threads.

I sent a U2U to the moderator explaining the issue that I did not intend the topic to be discussed from the main point of view of faith & theology.
I then sent a complaint for the staff, to address an issue that may come up again, as sometimes threads are general...I will explain this more below.
Then I made this post as an idea for another thread.

You could put souls in paranormal, as it may deal with NDE-s.
Or it could go in religion.
Or it could go in science if you believe its a neuro net.

Val, as you will appreciate, it depends on our perspective and where we want to come from.
I did not, and made perfectly clear, want to come from a faith & theology point of view.
Yes, this portion is good for the complaint box, which I used.

However, it raises up a valid issue.
What do you do, when you want responces from people from science who think the soul is a neuro-network, and from paranormal who believe in NDEs, and even religion.
Where do you post?

Here is the thing...I dont go to "New Post."
I go to "my new" And some threads, are NOT subscribed to.
Meaning I dont see them.

What if some of the people who posted are not in BTS going to Faith & Theology.
(where it was moved)
Or they are science and dont subscribe to paranormal?
(if it were moved in paranormal fore example)
I sure know I dont go there (faith & theology)...I had a life of faith ;-)...Im ready for the science.
Though I dont want to isolate them.

So, in a sense, I tried something.
I put it, in what I thought was a general forum for topics that do not skunkworks is for conspiracies. This way people, who otherwise may not see the topic, if they use the "myNew" feature and not just "New Post", will have a better chance of seeing the topic and participating

And it worked. In only 24 hours there were over 100 post and over 2k views.
Something was right. Not only that, you will notice there are not one liners, and people were not attacking each other. I was surprised at the level of debate.

So in short, I hope that better helps you to understand where i was coming from, and others who may have had the same question as Val.



[edit on 19-11-2006 by dAlen]

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 10:14 AM
If you want a review of the thread move you should use the complaints function...this way all staff members can review the action.

If you want to request a new forum you need to make the suggestion HERE.


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