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Zeroness vs. oneness. Outdividuality vs. individuality; Out-divi-duality = Out Of Divided Duality

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posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 02:44 AM
We is Zeroness, there is 'Nothing' to be divided into, thus WE ARe Everything, Being.

We is not Everything Being as one, We is simply Everything, Being.

Oneness does not take the shape of Everything, rather it mimmicks Everything by dividing others through its indivuduality (In-divided-duality). 2 Divided by 1 is 2. Oneness 'wants' to be individual. To Be Zeroness (Nothing) is to Be Everything. Zeroness (Nothing) is the true Beingness because it cannot Be divided nor can it divide others. It IS Existence that defines Nothing and in turn Nothing defines the non-Existent boundaries of Existence which shows us that Existence is Outfinitely limitless, boundless, and shapeless. One must Be continuously divided into (in two, individuality = In-divided-duality) EVERYTHING (thus dividing Everything and defeating the purpose of simply Being Everything) to take the shape of Everything. One is trying to BE Everything yet it is mimmicking.

One must Be Outfinitely dividing Everything (Existence) to take the shape of Outfinite Everything (Existence), therefore causing individuality (in-divided-duality). Yet it is perfect, just as the Being IS. We divided the Being so that We may see Nothing and Everything as Existence Being Us, WE ARe Existence.

There is no way that 'Nothing' can define itself without existence because it is Existence that allows 'Nothing' to Be 'non-Existent'. Everything Divided by Zero is allways Zero. 1-:-0=Undefined, because Zero is not individuality and one is not the Everything defining Zeroness (Nothing) nor the Zeroness (Nothing) defining Everything. 0-:-1=0. Nine and Zero allways stay true to themselves. The sum of the product of any whole number multiplied by Nine is allways nine. i.e. 9x5='45'

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