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What was the last concert you attended?

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posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 11:15 PM
What bands or band or singer did you see in the last concert you went to go see?

It does'nt matter if it was 50 years ago or yesterday or whether it was punk, pop, rock. or country. Tell us, we want to know!

My last concert was in October. It was a band called "Big N Rich", a country rap band with the "Poverty Neck Hillbillies" opening for them.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 01:20 AM
hidden images @ the roadhouse about 4 weeks ago, a local band that does blues. ..

big concert?

Tool on Sept 11th @ the woodlands.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 01:44 AM
David Allen Coe, that's been at least five years ago.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 11:11 AM

I've seen them 4 times in the last 9 months. I LOVE Ska!!!

Went with my husband to a few Panic Channel shows at small clubs in LA about a year ago. With 4 children it's not exactly easy to find a baby sitter on school nights.


posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 01:52 PM
Mid September I went to see The Rolling Stones headline a day long festival.

Kanye West, Sloan, & Alice Cooper opened for them.

All opening acts playing for about 75-90 minutes and then the Stones played for over two hours.

The show was amazing, pyrotechnics were insane, and it was an absolute down pour of rain all day. Still was an amazing show though.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 05:35 PM
Saw U2 last Monday night 13th Nov in Sydney.

Atmosphere was great !!! The sound was really bad (arena to big and was very windy) and the support act was absolutely woeful. Heaps of people complained about the support act.

1st Dec I will go see Joe Satrinai, Steve Vai and Rob Petrucci ...can't wait for that one !!!

In Peace Alaways

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 05:40 PM
We have tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra in Philly for December. I can't wait. I've wanted to go for years. YAHOOOOO! Finally!!

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 05:53 PM
Skid Row with Pantera as the opening act back around 1994.

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 05:30 AM
Yndi Halda, a post rock band last friday. Immense. It was their Ep release show thing.

A more familiar name I've seen recently was the Flaming Lips last Tuesday

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 07:09 AM
Scissor Sisters at Wembley in London UK. (friday 24th nov 2006)
Result ..CRAP!!

The band themselves aint that bad..(not really my cup of T) but went because of the wife..honest hahahah
But whoever done the Soundcheck SHOULD BE SHOT!!!

Wembley Arena probably one of the best places to hear a live band, got some brilliant acoustics in there and should be "easy " for the sound team to put together a good sound!

Nope! not in this case!

The Bass was too much and was overiding EVERYTHING else, even the singing and at a quiet a few points throughout the night the bass coming from the speakers was so distorted it was if the band had brought along their own personal speakers from their home entertainment system.

We see them play in Trafalgar square earlier this yr and that was 100 times better!!

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 07:23 AM
Pink Floyd, The Division Bell Tour, Mile High Stadium in Denver, CO sometime in the mid 90's.

An absolutely excellent show. I don't really do concerts anymore but if Pink Floyd was to tour again, I'd surely go.

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 07:37 AM

Video of the encore!

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 10:44 AM
Eagles at Kemper Arena, in Kansas City, August 2003. It was the third time I had seen them in concert, the first time on their Hotel California tour, way back in 1975. Of course, I was only a baby then, ha ha.

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 11:24 AM
FleetWood Mac at The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State maybe 13 years ago. I've been to many concerts there, it's the most beautiful place you can imagine. The photos below don't do it justice.

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 12:02 PM
Saw 7L & Esoteric open up for Kool Keith a little over a month ago at the Living Room in Providence. I'll take a small-venue underground hip hop show over a big fancy concert any day of the week.

posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 02:00 PM
Thank you for those images KL. The backdrop is absolutely breath taking. You could not ask for a better set up for a concert. Huge stage, beautiful backdrop, flat right in front of the stage to cram in thousands and than a large embankment to give everyone in the house a perfect view of the stage.

I would love to take in a concert at this location.

posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 11:51 PM
This past summer I went and saw Kim Mitchell (formerly of Max Webster) at a local barbeque fest. It was only $10 to get in, well worth the cost, Kim is always a good show.

Also back in August I took my girlfriend to Mariah Carey, I'm not a fan, but my girl loves her. It was a decent show, as I said I'm not a fan, but I was able to sit through it at least.

This Monday I'm seeing The Who, picked up side stage 8th row tickets. I can't wait for that one, it's going to be a long 6 days until then! I've always been a huge Who fan but haven't seen them live yet.

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 08:31 PM
I saw Danzig's "Blackest of the Black" tour a couple of weeks ago and am sorry to say it was one of the most disapointing shows I have seen in recent memory. I never have been a huge fan of Danzig so I didn't stick around for his set. Lacuna Coil who I was mainly there to see played nothing but songs off of "Karmacode" with the exception of the 2 "hits" off of "Comalies". I used to really like the Haunted when they had Marco fronting the band but Peter Dolving is just annoying. They only played one song off of "The Haunted Made Me Do It" and even it sounded horrible. I didn't catch Belphegor or Asesino because I showed up too late which in itself was also disapointing, as I wanted to see both. But that pretty much sums it up there.

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 08:33 PM
i wanna see soulfly


posted on Dec, 1 2006 @ 12:30 AM
the last show i saw was SLINT! at the great american music hall in SF.

before that was mastadon! at slims in SF.

both shows were stellar. especially the SLINT show! i had missed them when they hit the scene in the late 80's, and they did a reunion tour about 8 months ago. i thought i had died and went to a really good diner.

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