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Stop giving Satan an Audience

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posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 12:29 PM
Bright lights, body exploration experiments, etc... Stop giving Satan an audience. Evil spirits can manifest themselves in many ways. Last days people-false signs and wonders to distract you. I tell you now Jesus is the only vision I want to see and maybe an angel or two.

Also, if our government signed a pack with them (Evil spirits) Stop paying them any mind. Only Jesus can save us now.

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 02:51 PM
Yeah, I'm sorry; maybe I misunderstood but are you claiming that "satan" created the sun and the subject anatomy? No bright lights, no body exploration experiments....... well, i didn't take anatomy, but it will be difficult to avoid the bright light of the sun. Anyways, good luck with whatever you are trying to accomplish.

edit: I noticed that you said you may want to see an angel or two, well, according to your holy book he who is known as Lucifer/Satan/etc. was an angel, so how could you possibly know that you weren't being tricked if indeed you did see an angel?

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posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 04:22 PM
If God decides that your reality needs a little mixing up - a catalyst - a challenge - a wake up call, even - guess what the job title is, that is given to the one assigned to the task?

Yep. But it would be more accurately perceived as such:

Secret AgenT mAN

And so I would suggest that it is not up to the one receiving this particular kind of learning experience, at the hand of the Father, to refuse 'an audience' to the adversary sent for the eventual benefit of your soul's growth. That's called 'kicking against the pricks,' in the mystic's jargon (such as Paul was accustomed to using).

The harder you kick, the sharper the thorn will prick. But in the end, the thorn serves it purpose because the kicking ceases and then the next step is begun on the path.

As far as 'evil spirits manifesting' - these are seen every day by each and every one of us - we see other people acting unrighteously toward one another; driven by greed, envy, self-deception, or insecurity/fear (usually more of a mixture of some or all).

There are no 'evil' spirits other than the driving delusions of mankind. God's evil is always for our own eventual benefit and even our very best human oriented 'good' is evil because it is something that is out for 'self.'
More simply:

God's good = good
God's evil = good
Man's good = evil
Man's evil = evil

Not that I am saying we are evil - God loves us all so surely there is good in us, as well. But that good comes from Him and it is borne of the crucifixion of self and selfish perspectives and motivations.

The only 'false signs and wonders' are the ones that we see because we seek to have some sort of sign given to us. If we do not seek then there will be many true and undeniable proofs sent by God for the edification of our fidelity and trust in Him, but we deceive ourselves with our own eyes and imaginations and that is also the principle behind the 'false prophet.'

I assume when you say 'our government' you mean the USA? Well, I guess that proves that you are on the right forum, considering this is a conspiracy forum! And that's about all I can say on that last comment because I'm just not 'there' with you on that. But you certainly have the freedom to explore for yourself whatever it is that makes you feel distrustful of anything. And I do encourage you to do so. But don't distrust God because that is your only safe haven as far as trust is concerned.

God bless and keep you!


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