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This birdie came to me one day...

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posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 06:50 AM
Hey Yall:
I live in Florida so you can imagine there is alot of wildlife. Especially birds. Alot of people set them free, they escape... so many horrid things happen to birds in captivity. But anyway, enough of the sad stuff.

I wanted to show you this bird that came to me. It was still a chick. Being native american, my husband and I built on what is left of some area that butts up to a conservation area. We (me) need to feel close to the energies of my Mother Eartch and Father God. To do that, I believe you must be afforded the basic need to stand barefoot and only feel that energy. Not the energy of cars, mean people... ect. So I was blessed to be able to live this close yet not disturb them.

In fact, the animals seem to enjoy me as much as them. Er, I cant stay on a topic... sorry. As you get to know me you will see me go to left field and hopefully back. I just assume people know what Im talking about. That they can 'see it' in their head like I can. Many cant. I forget that.

Back on home plate:

I was sitting outside by the pool on the lania with my laptop, doing my thing. I like it out there because you never know what you will see: a gatar? a swan? an egret? a huge snake? An eagle? So, its farily addictive. So, I was doing my thing and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something green hop.

Well, you know I had to investigate. Im an ATS'er for God's sake! So, kinda scared, I went to look in a bush where I though the sound came from. Didnt see anything so went back to what I was doing.

About 10 minutes later: This gorgeous baby bird climbs up the foot of my chair (perched at the end between my legs, laptop blocking my view) and is sitting there looking at me like, 'Are you my Mommie'? I picked him up and realized he had flight so left him alone and outside after feeding him.

He was so hungry. So, I just left him be. If he wanted to live here, fine. But never did I imagine we would be best friends. Sad thing is... he may leave me one day. Just typing that made tears fall. He is a wild animal, with full-flight and freedom.

He goes most everywhere with me. He has been with me now fo about 18 months. When he came I had to feed him with a syringe and baby formula. Now, he is speaking well over 250 words and phrases.

He made me his pet. I'd never leave him. Though, he may someday leave me. He has been ID'ed as a Male Indian Ringneck Parrot. He is so beautiful.

He is coming into sexual maturity. Beginning to do the mating dance so I know he is starting to uhm, wanna, 'get some'. That makes me scared he will leave me.

So, two questions:

1: If a wild bird comes to you willing and is with you for two years. Comes and goes freely like a doggie, are chances GREAT he will remain with me for always? I allowed myself to get sick attached and he is my very best friend. My only true smile and joy.

2: I dont have any cages, nor would I ever but their is something called wing clipping that takes flight from the bird, doesnt hurt and is actually alot safer for them. I have an immense urge to clip those primary wings to ensure my baby never leaves. If he does, it will be in a cab.

Clipping his wings a tad, Is that wrong of me, after 2 yrs to allow a wild animal to set up shop in my home and now we are in love. What if he didnt mean to go away but couldnt find me.

I want to get some feedback on how to deal with this bird that picked me as his mama. He and I both have a very close, unhealthy bond. Without eachother... it wouldnt be pretty. So, wing clipping is the only answer. And getting him a mate. Horny little thing... feel so sorry for him.

My best friend: Baby
This is where he hangs out when he 'comes home'

This is my Baby the day we met. X cages!

Baby Now:

Loving that cigarette... he insists

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 08:01 AM
Get this bird a friend! Two make less noise than one believe it or not. Another one of these might cost $20 at the mall. What a great find for you! You were chosen to care for this creature....

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 10:50 AM
oh i know how you feel I also have the same bird, though in the UK its called an African Ring neck,

The only problem i see here is that he loves you and trusts you, I fear that letting him away may put him in danger with others he may think all humans are nice,

I would say look for a friend for him, Maybe there are unwanted ones out there that you could give a home to, and give your little buddy a good friend,

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 02:27 PM
No! I never wanna let him go and he was a chick when he came. Isnt it my duty to clip him and 'keep' him. Because to go to the wild and not be able to come here would be to put an idiot in a big city.

He wouldnt know what to do.

So, ya'll say dont feel quilty? Clip him and accept him as mine, although I know not where the gift of this best friend came.


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