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This is what Im talking about!

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posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 02:45 AM
Its not a conspiracy. Its not subtrefuge. Its out there and its blatant. Some have just been too blind to see it but I've seen many here link it just perfectly and it becomes more and more transparent as their boldness grows. America has been infiltrated, we have had our entire foreign policy taken over and dictated by a select group of people who have decided whats best for America...Or Is it?

Benador Associates, MEMRI, AIPAC, American Enterprise Institute, The Hudson Institute, The Middle East Forum, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, CAMERA,, The Middle East Quarterly, The Middle East Intelligence Bulletin, as well as I'm sure others buried deep down. Many of these have monikers alluding that they represent The Middle East as a whole but if you look hard at the majority of them , they only seem to represent only a tiny fraction of the Middle East and the rest are shredded and left for dead. Many articles embellished, exaggerated, misinterpreted, misquoted, skewed in order to incite and inspire the wrong ideas.

This network , this webring, has been feeding non-stop bias to the right-wing of this country. Fueling the fire for what purpose? I leave that for you to decide.

US Thinktanks Give Lessons In Foreign Policy

Brian Whitaker reports on the network of research institutes whose views and TV appearances are supplanting all other experts on Middle Eastern issues

Monday August 19, 2002
Guardian Unlimited

A little-known fact about Richard Perle, the leading advocate of hardline policies at the Pentagon, is that he once wrote a political thriller. The book, appropriately called Hard Line, is set in the days of the cold war with the Soviet Union. Its hero is a male senior official at the Pentagon, working late into the night and battling almost single-handedly to rescue the US from liberal wimps at the state department who want to sign away America's nuclear deterrent in a disarmament deal with the Russians.
Ten years on Mr Perle finds himself cast in the real-life role of his fictional hero - except that the Russians are no longer a threat, so he has to make do with the Iraqis, the Saudis and terrorism in general.

In real life too, Mr Perle is not fighting his battle single-handed. Around him there is a cosy and cleverly-constructed network of Middle East "experts" who share his neo-conservative outlook and who pop up as talking heads on US television, in newspapers, books, testimonies to congressional committees, and at lunchtime gatherings in Washington.
The network centres on research institutes - thinktanks that attempt to influence government policy and are funded by tax-deductible gifts from unidentified donors.

When he is not too busy at the Pentagon, or too busy running Hollinger Digital - part of the group that publishes the Daily Telegraph in Britain - or at board meetings of the Jerusalem Post, Mr Perle is "resident fellow" at one of the thinktanks - the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

Source. Long Article Continued here.

Is the author close to being correct? IMO I think he's spot on and still, I bet there is even more we miss.

PS: If some of you remember it was here on ATS that someone had linked Benador Associates with the Yellow Badge of Iran article written some time ago
in a Canadian Newspaper that surfaced, caused an uproar and then mysteriously disappeared and was never mentioned again. Many of this firms writers were linked to other publications of the same ilk.

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posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 09:47 PM
I found the original ATS posting that linked the author Amir tehiri with the Benedor associates when the article about the Colored Badges had first came out. It was Our ATS Mod Gools who had accurately placed the link between the 2 people. I guess this only confirms what a few people had already figured out. This is Psyops pure and simple.

This is Gools original post about the colored badges in Iran

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