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Americans, stand up and be counted.

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posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 06:23 PM
There seems to be two schools of thought here on ATS as to what is really going on inside America and what is really the future going to be for American citizens. I thought it would be fair to hear the views of Americans (and others) on this matter, how do you really feel about these issue, do people care, do people support what's happening or is there just a general malaise. Are Americans on the whole aware of what's going on in other countries, are they as insular as people state, if they are dose this help the Goverment in their quest for world dommination.

And I would appreciate good honest views rather than emotional rhetoric, also this is not a debate of who would take America out etc. Its an honest debate to see what Americans really think about their country, its Goverment and their futures.

Is America really turning into a Police State, the Goverment now has in its possesion the means to make anyone, man women or child a potential threat to the countries security. The new speak is already on the lips of many, oh your not a patriot, you dont support your Goverment, you dont support our troops, and if your not with us your against us. Do people realise this is a very dangerous position to be in, where those who challenge the Goverment or system would be denounced and quickly carted off to those rumoured internment camps for re-education. Is that what some of you would want to happen.

Is this an attitude that is right across the country in every Town and City or is it just the views of the few. Do Americans on the whole staunchly believe in their Goverment and its actions. Do and are the people willing to make sacrifices for the greater good of America. Or are there those who see it as America's road to destruction, that sooner or later its going to commit too much that you will see the demise of the Nation from a superpower perspective. A future that may leave America and its people beaten and broken.

How much would Americans resist if draconian measures were put in place, all under the auspices of terror alerts and attacks real or otherwise. How many would support the surrender of personal firearms if required by law to do so. Who would support thr freezing of bank accounts etc. restrictions on the right to travel either internally or externally. Who would support the internment of perceived threats such as say from the Muslim populace. And who would be ready to seize the assets of said Muslims for personal gain.

Who believes the Goverment and the system can be trusted and has the best interests of its citizens in mind. Or is the Goverment correct and should be supported by all, should dissenters be loked up, should certain groups be interned if they are seen as a threat. Finally, does America's Foreign policy make the US a bigger target from external aggressors.

posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 06:34 PM
I could write pages on this but i wont

well in comparing America to where i live (Ireland) it does seem to be a LOT stricter and less tolerant than here but going as far as calling it a police state?
hmmm well that depends on your views truth be told
my view is that due to the recent war on terror certain security measures need to be taken of course a lot of people believe that the american government may be behind some of this terrorism in order to scare the people into accepting new laws and changes in their constituation so that a certain few can keep power and take away the rights of americans to change their government
on a personal note i dont know what to believe and at times like this i dont envy anyone living in the states

posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 06:47 PM
Well first of all the US is run by a foreign country and people which many here will agree with. Secondly, it is tending towards totalitarianism like most regions in the world as the NWO comes to power.

Trust anyone? Why?

I've said it before: in the end there will only be two sides and those that stand in the middle will be shot in the crossfire that results.

Pick wisely which side you belong to.

posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 07:14 PM

Originally posted by magicmushroom
Finally, does America's Foreign policy make the US a bigger target from external aggressors.

Why don't people see the elephant in the living room?

What a post, magic mushroom. You have really been encouraging us to think these days. I couldn't have expressed my thoughts better than you just did.

I'm not as of today a radical. But I am willing to become one. I am not willing to watch this happen and pretend it's someone else's fault.

posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 07:28 PM

Originally posted by magicmushroom
And I would appreciate good honest views rather than emotional rhetoric, also this is not a debate of who would take America out etc. Its an honest debate to see what Americans really think about their country, its Goverment and their futures.

Great country - wouldn't live anywhere else - government is not the very best but is very very far from the worst... If I were in charge I'd put it and its institutions on a skeleton crew - military is pretty much all we'd have, I'd privatize the heck out of everything. Many people don't like that idea, but that's another and many other threads. My future? Personally? Well, I'd say its bright and limitless - my mom told me I'm special like that. For the country? I'm a disciple of good 'ole Dr. Pangloss, this is the best of all worlds and its getting better every day! Little dismayed that my party lost the Congress, but its not really all that big of a deal, there will be no stopping President Frist come '08
But in all seriousness, I don't think we're in any kind of real trouble, my father spoke of the "camps" that popped up here during the violence in Vietnam also. I don't think anyone is about to get locked up in any "Reagan Re-education Center" anytime soon.

Travelling is one of my passions, and I've been to around 30 countries. I must say that while I was not "on the grid" (paying taxes, working, permanent address, etc.) in those countries I feel I know a lot about them and have experienced how many things work. It's rather clear, at least to me, that we are much less restricted in the US than Europe in what we want to do as long as we don't hurt anyone else. There may be laws involved, but who doesn't drive 10 mph over the limit as the standard modus operandi (apply this reasoning to anything you do but are not allowed to)? Maybe this could be due to our population density compared to Europe, but I don't have the constant feel of somebody looking over my shoulder here. Not a knock on Europe, I love the place, and visit Denmark and the Netherlands probably at least once a year since I was a child.

I think you are not giving us credit when you question whether or not we're as insulated as the stereotype goes. There's the widespread stereotype of the "stupid, rich American." Many think we're just morons when it comes to geography. If all somebody watched was the "Jay Walking" segment of the Tonight Show, I could see how one would get that impression. I've got to say that in my experience Europeans are just as clueless as Americans when it comes to geography. Not a knock on anyone, just my experience and observation. I come from Florida, and no, I cannot see clear across the state to the Gulf of Mexico, and no I cannot see Cuba either. We all have our idiots.

I think it is very difficult to fully respect and understand what you're trying to get at if you don't compare our country to somewhere else. Is anywhere else even comparable? 300 million people with a highly developed top-tier economy and a pretty doggone huge landmass. I mean, if we're talking about relativity, we're doing pretty doggone well compared to India and China!

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 07:51 AM
Alpha, The reason why many outside of America seem to think your are insular (not my words) is that most of the population do not hold passports and hence do not travel outside of America. As you have rightly said traveling has opened your eyes and mind to the myriad of beliefs, traditions and ways of others, traveling abroad educates us and travel is a very good education tool.

With regard to America's Superpower status everything is in a state of flux, there never has been a level playing field so its America today and maybe Russia, China or the soon to be United States of Europe in the future. History has shown us that great Countries and Empires follow two paths. One is like what happened to the Uk where overseas possestions are slowly relinquished and the other is a complete and utter breakdown from within the ruling Nation say like the Romans.

Part of the process to make a country a powerful force is the control and subugation of the people of the given nation, it is a prerequsite to mould the polpulace into a weapon for waging war. A populace that is free thinking, independant and armed as is the case of many Americans will not provide the impetus that is required for conquest. A people that are melded together by way of superiority, capability, single mindedness and that all important ingredient fear will provide the sword to slay others.

The question is are Americans ready to go down that road, are they ready for the big gamble. As I have said greatness is followed by a fall, it can be a gentle one or one that is so hard that you dont get up again.


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