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This is the difference.

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posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 10:27 AM
This is the difference.

This is something that makes todays war.. different.. from anything that any other nation has tried.. in the past 100 years.

The very community you declared to be liberating

just happens to be the community, that are plotting to kidnap & torture your forces.... and send tapes declaring you 'criminals'

Its obvious, the arab world beleives, that this war is a curropt governments, aggresive agender.

If we are providing this community with a work plan, a peace agreement and the 'chance' at a better life.... they wouldnt be taking such a defensive action towards us..

this community has no hope, of living under conditions, HALF AS GOOD as they were under Saddam Hussein.

IE: Universtiy students Dare not walk the streets, they are in fear of being kidnapped, or murderd simply for being an academic.

Imagine being a uni student.. and having ur tutor murdered, simply for being... smart.....

Thats the new 'democracy' we've brought these people.

I dont care if you think bush is lying now.. he might be as honest as some of you believe..

but surely... you have to agree..

they milked this attack for all it was worth.

But it totally messed up, they under-estimated the will of the arab world.. they believed they wanted western values, when obviously they want their own sacred independance.

Now this bee hive has spread.. as a terminology rather than a physical force.

the sad part is..

you believed your government was protecting you then.. and look what they managed to supposidly miss

Id be more worried about wether they are stopping any 'other' attacks that are coming.

Instead.. some of you refuse to achnowledge the real threat... to your historical.. nations... dynasty

by your own countries elite.

enjoy your supposidly secure lives.. while you bring democracy to everyone else.

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