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Truth of true Freedom

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posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 09:50 AM
What is it that man looks for in life, is it a way to extend the true limit of life or just become another person in the mix of a controlled life?

What is Freedom, is it the pursuit of true liberty an freedoms, or is it being withheld in a “safe environment” with more freedoms than a country with out?

Life in freedom has its boundaries and we truly always question, why are we bounded by these laws and truths and just plain annoyances?

So where does it leave you or me to ask, or think or even wonder, is thinking to much illegal are we aloud to challenge the status quo by questioning the very foundations a country or organization is founded upon.

I say “why not!”

We as humans have the Devine right of power; liberty an freedom, sometimes even having too much freedom will inevitably destroy our pursuit for liberty and Joy.

Maybe having laws an boundaries actually allow us more freedom than we can ever imagine, or maybe in fact they destroy our every being or ever being able to escape a dark an closed room we find ourselves in.

I suppose I leave it up to each of you an everyone to know the truth, and to find there own true Joy, Liberty an Freedoms, in the right there is a universe out there, an we all are still here on Earth, so why not, why be controlled, our life is our life an days an minutes are spent by us, not anyone else, not some stationary inanimate law, but by true living human souls that strive to achieve true uniqueness in this world, in this Life.

Deny limit, Deny Ignorance, Deny it ALL

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