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Incident Report

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posted on Nov, 14 2003 @ 04:07 AM
I have been a member of ats for years and as of recents events I must now report numbers of things dealing with some of the people that I have dealt with in the last several years. This also ties in with the The Research I was given to look into dealing with the Omega Agency. I will put it frankly we have a problem and a very large one. As of recent I did not disclose what I did up until recent on a thred that is on the ats.

I am one of the radio talkshow hosts on genesis and I must now realese several things starting with this.

I must also tell you that the audio archives dealing with has sealed this interview and to my knowledge may not be back up in the near future. ATS as well as others have the right to know first hand this story from rumormillnews is true. Barbara did get cut from genesis last night on my program and it was out of my control. The infomation I am about to post here is in the event that I do not post on this message board in the future. There is a real good chance this may be one of the last posts I post on here for a while given the current situation but I will try to update this situation as to what has happened the best I can.

The following infomation that I am about to post took place on my radio program last night on genesis communications radio network.

What I am about to report to you took place and you can take any of what I am about to say as hear say if you want but this has been a on going problem that I have had to deal with for a number of years dealing with people I have gotten on the air and talked about issues other people will not cover. In this case this it deals with the franklen coverup and people directly involved in covering up the incident in this case which involved 2 people. Al Franken and Ted Gunderson.

After this book was relesed a second book was put out following up book 1 the franklen coverup to continue to coverup the incidents involving child abuse, rape and other things. It was done by these 2 after the infomation leaked out on radio years ago. These 2 where used by the cia to spin the story about what really happend and who was really involved. In regards to this incident that took place tonight.

You can take what I am about to say anyway you want.

During the interview I got a call from alex jones and the person that was running the show at the time a woman by the name of steffony told me during a break that alex jones wanted to talk to me after the broadcast about the person that I was having on the air in this case Barbara Hartwell. After of which I thought nothing of it at the time and continued with the interview. After which after about 5 mins tward the last half of the 2 hour show about 7:31 pm mountion time I was told another message from stef that Michael Trudeau who I have been told and have a letter from is the Vice President of Genesis Told me and the board op. That I had to let my guest go. I was not told why and didnt do it. After comming back after the 30 min break. Barbara had about 3 min and 20 seconds from my best guess before genesis cut her with out my permission. But there is more. There is one last commerical that takes place at about :45 after or rather closer to :50 after the hour at which time I got another call from alex jones saying to me the following.

That this issue with ted gunderson he knew all about but that I was not and I quote not to contact barbara hartwell or stew webb again or have them on the program again. What needs to be said beyond this is several things but I dont have alot of time left to explain this sitution so I will try to be brief.

I had never heard of stew webb until earily this year about 3 or so months after doing the broadcast. At which time I have seen him put out infomation dealing with the bombs that were placed on bridges up in new york in earily and had him on the broadcast at the time dealing with this issue. Later it did come out where a man had plans to blow up bridges in New York and that Ashcroft had arrested this man and group in relation to these charges. There is another story dealing with that I will get into another time but this is a small example as to when this man turned out to be right.

Never the less several months ago I had stew webb come on in relations to ted gunderson working for the cia now when he used to work for the fbi. Stew at the time had been demonised in relation to his infomation being false.

So as a follow up what lead to this current sitution this is part of what happened in the past if I dont get to update this for a while.

Going on Stew had some how dont ask me how he had gotten ahold of ted gundersons file when he still worked for the fbi and posted a file dealing with ted gundersons past work as a member of the fbi. This file shows where when ted was still working for the fbi he sold stinger missles to Afghanistan to for the rebels to used agaist the russian forces that were there at the time.

Next ted first came out and denighed the infomation that was presented in this case. But later on this network admitted in on a show called The Fountain Truth. At which time he later on this show admitted to selling these missles to afghanistan rebels why he was still working for the fbi.

Take my word for it when I tell you when this document was put out I got alot more then alot of heat from people at genesis in this first case the heat first came from John Stadtmiller host of The National Intel Report
also on genesis. Well After all of this this by the way was not the first time I was threatened by this man the last time was over a man by the name of Kurt Billings this was the first incident dealing with for lack of a better word heat this heat later came to what I reported up above dealing with alex.

I will go on and explain more later dealing with the omega project I took part of hear at ats. but must explain more of the situation at hand.

Now with this current show I also did this yesterday dealing along the lines of the same issue.

At the time nothing was said until today.

I have been on the verge of leaving genesis for about a month and a half and I intend to make the announcment that I intend to do so later on tommarrow. See heres the thing there is so much more to this story and what it is I have seen sense being on this network its going to take me weeks posting articals like this but It boils down to this. This gunderson issue is so hot that alex jones called me 3 times in a 40 min period to get me to stop what it was I was broadcasting not to mention the vice president of genesis Michael Trudeau.

Someone at genesis or rather quite a few people at genesis had somthing to lose or that would be effected by the broadcast that I was doing otherwise it would not have been shut down.

Now like I said this is first hand from me I am the host of my show which will no longer be on the air as of tommarrow due to the fact this is the 3rd time this has happened where I have been screamed at for this issue and not to mention other incidents dealing with this Omega Project I was assigned at ats all of this belive it or not ties togeather.

But I do need to get some other things done in relation to what kind of firestorm I am going to face on this tommarrow.

But what you need to know is simply this there is a ton more to this story that I will be making public here first in the future. I was also told to take alex jones phone call in his regards to this situation as to what he knew this was surposed to take place last night after the broadcast and didnt. It will happen somtime this morning but all things provided this infomation is being put here in the event that I do not get back to post more on this issue right away.

Jeremy Floyd from the Floyd Report

A update will be posted on the floyd report tommarrow regarding this development.

posted on Nov, 14 2003 @ 09:03 AM
Fight the good fight.

But watch your back dear fellow for there are wolves among the sheep.

posted on Nov, 14 2003 @ 10:48 AM
Most interesting, please do keep us posted.

posted on Nov, 14 2003 @ 06:59 PM
I was on his site earlier, look now:

posted on Nov, 14 2003 @ 07:01 PM
Well lookie.

I do believe you have stumbled across something, i'd watch your back if i were you falcon.

posted on Nov, 14 2003 @ 07:17 PM

First hand knowledge, intrigue, here and now, hush hush.

The stuff of ATS.

Good post, falcon.

Good luck, sincerely!

When you have a moment (I can understand the tension) why did you indicate elsewhere there would be a terrorist attack on an Australian high school?

posted on Nov, 14 2003 @ 11:17 PM
... because schoolies week starts next thursday..

posted on Nov, 17 2003 @ 08:25 AM
2 things first up front the website is back up a investigation as to why it was taken offline is pending but it looks like it was shut down suddenly by the server from a outside source. As far as the Arcives of the show at to my knowledge it is now back up. Also as a result of the attack on me and the website as well as my guest I am going to get a new show soon and one of the first guests I am going to have on the air is Al gore. Also if you follow the following links below you will get some of the other parts of the story as to what happened in relation to getting me banned from genesis communications radio network.

This should do for now and yes Nerdling I do need to watch my back and more than that to.

A update on more on this will be comming in the future.

Jeremy Floyd from the Floyd Report.

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