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Was Enron just a taste of things to come?

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posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 05:02 AM
The GOP got caught at GTA(Grand Theft America) as they had unrestrained access to the coffers of the American People.

They robbed us blind. We'll be paying the bill for the next 40 years and now they're trying to say that they strayed a little?

The fact is that they are just now realizing that they've been caught red handed. As America realizes that the scope of their robbery is far greater than Enron, one has to wonder if lynch mobs will be forming in the streets.

Just like Enron, they've spent anything we working stiffs might have looked forward to in retirement all while telling us what great things they've been doing for us.

The question is....can the Republican Politicians find a way to misdirect the blame and actually come out with a their freedom intact? Are those paper shredders going full bore right now as they scramble to cover their dispicible acts of greed?

The Republican Party is through. There must be a new party that rises out of this catastrophe that they have created, but this New Party must not even remotely relate itself to the Republican Party except that it offers a haven for those fleeing Republican corruption and Mega-Corporate War Profiteering.

Middle America voted in a landslide election to remove the Corrupt Republican Party from power, not because they believe that Democrats have the answer, but rather because they are certain that Republicans do not. Republican Politicians have become so corrupt and disconnected from the Average American that they are still don't have a clue as to why they were evicted from office. Republican Politicians have been so busy filling their pockets with the booty from the Middle Class Coffers that they still don't see their arresting officers closing in on them.

Watch in these coming days as the revelation of corruption unfolds....


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