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What's so special about Israel?

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posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 06:59 PM
A little OT but I've been wanting to ask this. Please bear with me, it seems appropriate to ask it here.

I feel like I see a lot of hypocrisy on this site in regards to Israel and honestly, it really puzzles me. For instance, some people will criticize Israel for not abiding by General Assembly resolutions from the UN but then turn around and suggest that Israel has no right to even exist, despite that its creation was decided by a General Assembly resolution that was supported a huge consensus.

I mean, the basis for an Israeli state was recognized as part of the WW One peace settlement. It was built according to the same mechanism that every other country in the modern Middle East and half of Europe was built under. I just don't understand how you can single out Israel as being illegitimate without also mentioning Jordan which was conceived at the same time and covers many times more of Palestine than Israel does. Why is it OK to give 85% (or whatever it is exactly) of Palestine to the Hashemites to rule as a minority but it is criminal to give 12% to the Jews?

Why is it OK for Jordan to occupy the West Bank or Jerusalem in violation of the UN resolution but once Israel takes it over the whole world explodes in protest? Why have I never heard anyone demand that Jordan repatriate the Palestinians that they stripped of their Jordanian citizenship? Or pay restitution to the families of Palestinians they massacred?

What is different about Israel expelling Palestinians than post WWII Czechoslovakia expelling the Sudetens Germans from Czech land? Palestinian expulsion doesn't come near in its scope to the size and impact of the forced mass expulsions taking place in europe at the same time. Are those victims not equally deserving of compensation? Are Jewish refugees of Arab states who were forced out after WWII also any less deserving of compensation? Few states have offered compensation for seized land. Although Israel is among them they are still disproportionately called out here for not having made enough restitution. (or at least that is how it seems to me.)

Really, I am not being facetious here. I honestly do not understand why Israel is singled out. I am not opposed to criticizing Israel, they are deserving of criticism. But are they more deserving of criticism than, say Egypt? Egypt's violations of human rights far outstrips anything Israel has done. They occupied and settled Palestinian land for decades. And they receive nearly as much military aid from the US as Israel does. Can someone please explain to me why I see Israel denounced constantly here and I never hear a peep about Egypt.

Bear in mind that I am not asking whether Israel is deserving of criticism. I want to know why they are specifically singled out. I perceive a tremendous double standard here and I'd honestly like to hear what you think about it.

What makes Israel deserving of such special negative attention?


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