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Police to use flourescent lights to combat yobs with spots.

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posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 05:42 PM
First the high pitched noise generator to move on teenagers, now this! Uk police want to use flourescent lighting to highlight embarrassing facial spots on teenage yobs.

A council reportedly plans to tackle gangs of anti-social yobs by putting up flourescent lights that highlight their spots.

North Lincolnshire Council wants to install the pink lights at problem areas on an estate in S#horpe.

The lights are designed to show up blemishes on the skin.

The council hopes youths will be so embarrassed at the prospect of putting their pimples in the spotlight they will stay away.

Police in Humberside are also said to be interested in using the lights.

A council spokesman told The Daily Mail: "On the face of it, this sounds barmy.

"But do young people really want to hang round an area with a pink glow that makes any spots they have on their face stand out?"

Source: Police to highlight thugs spots

I'm actualy really pissed at hearing this so i'm in two minds whether to post or not right now.

Ok i'll say my for and againsts.

For: Yes we need to do something about the gangs of kids that hang about the streets. A lot, not all but a lot end up getting involved in bother when they have nothing else to do.

I'm afraid thats it as far as the for's go.

Against: My first thought when i saw this was "You can't do this, highlight an affliction on someone no matter what they get up to!" Some kids get zits sure, but a lot get real bad acne and it can ruin a kids teenage years. They are teased and reminded enough without the so called responsible adults of our society joining in!

Not all kids that hang about in groups on estates are trouble makers. I'd love to see a kid with real bad acne sue the police for psychological damage caused through public embarrassment. Acne was a medical condition last time i heard.

Scenario: a group of teenagers with special needs are hanging about and someone does'nt like it. Would it be deemed out of order to take the piss out of thier condition until they got lost!? Of course it would and i see little difference with this.

Before anyone asks, no i'm not an acne sufferer with a grudge lol, i was lucky enough to not get any spots at school but i had a lot of friends who did and you don't take the mick out of people for it!

Anyway, move the kids on and where are they going to go, oh yeah thats right, the street corner without this lighting. Until the next lot of flourescent tubes are put up, then they'll be everywhere and we'll all be walking around with major migraines!

From a contol point of view, what do people think of controlling the movements of people by way of lighting? Ok? Not ok? Same goes for the high pitched noise emitter that was developed to get rid of teenagers.

Mosquito teenager dispersal

How far will this stuff go? If they are willing to set up lighting as a control measure, will they one day install lighting to affect the public in other ways?

In my opinion the high pitched noise thing used to annoy and disperse teenagers is just a small scale audio weapon. Does that sound like farfetched paranoia? Maybe.

Isn't something that is annoying to the point where you have to get away from it a form of inflicting a very low doseage of pain? Up the intensity of that noise and it becomes painfull does'nt it? It's just sounds waves at a specific frequency in order to cause an adverse effect, so how does that differ from these huge weapons we hear about in the weaponry and technology forums?

I can remember sitting in my brothers car once (he was a boy racer:@@
he had a very loud system and the volume of the drone when his stereo was on and not playing music was literally sickening to the point where i had to get out of the car to puke!

Anyway i am veering off topic to a degree.

We've already seen the reports about cctv in Britain lately, even cctv with loudspeakers to tell you what to do. Now we have this. Whats next?


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