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Does Andy McNab restricts soldiers books for his own gain?

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posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 02:14 PM
Andy McNab, ex-SAS soldier turned author who makes a good living from his books has recieved much bashing from members of his own regiment for various reasons in the past.

I myself sit on the fence with this bashing, whilst i disagree with much he has written, and at times it has been proved to be false, he was also a good soldier who still deserves respect for what he achieved during his service.

A little while ago i came across something interesting on an Andy McNab discussion thread. The post i refer to is quoted below. Bold text are highlighted points by myself.

"Right chaps,

Age 44 UK 21.40 Mon

It's time you heard the god honest truth around here instead of myth.
McNAB, (pseudonym) who earned millions from his bestseller Bravo Two Zero, gets to vet similar books by Servicemen. McNab was, still is criticised by some of the men in his regiment after cashing in on his Gulf war experiences.

He now sits on a Whitehall committee which decides whether such works breach national security. When the Ministry of Defence announced that it planned to put a legal gag on members of the SAS it emerged that none other than McNab would be the judge and jury. The revelation that McNab is involved in vetting books on the SAS has enraged his former colleagues, who are accusing him of being a "poacher turned gamekeeper".

James Rennie, who has also written about his experiences in the operations department of the SAS, said: "It's a bit rich to find Andy McNab sitting on the disclosure committee. It's pure notoriety that has allowed him to carve out this niche and now he's tipping off the MoD about people who might be thinking about writing books. Having benefited from that system himself, he is now warden of it."

It is said McNab thrives and exerts power from within his post and strongly denies any conflict of interest. "I was invited because I've sat on both sides of the fence," he said. "The biggest problem is national security. The system cannot cope with all the new books that are coming out. Ever since the success of Bravo Two Zero everybody in the regiment thinks they can write a book and become a millionaire overnight. But the fact that Bravo Two Zero sold a million and a half copies in Britain alone was a freak."

If some of his former colleagues had sat on the same committee, Bravo Two Zero would never have seen the light of day. The book, an account of a failed undercover operation led by McNab was highly embarrassing to the SAS, and is still a major bone of contention within the regiment.

"The patrol was a complete screw-up," said Rennie, (14th intelligence). "McNab didn't know about the weather; nor were the soldiers equipped with proper maps. And, most importantly, he didn't know that there were Iraqis in the same territory." Seemingly McNab failed to do his homework, and failed to check his equipment before departure, according to a proposed book, Soldier 5.

Meantime, McNab is confident that he still enjoys the camaraderie of his former regiment, seeming unaware that he is now regarded as a viper in the grass. "There have been all these stories about me getting into political arguments with the boys - it's a load of rubbish," he said. "One of my former colleagues is living in my house in Hereford." Well, that's one friend at least, but his books infuriated many and led to accusations that he betrayed the SAS brotherhood.

Now that he has established himself as a sucessful author, he seems to be in favour of beefing up the Official Secrets Act. He said, "If you are going to hit someone, you have to hit them hard. It doesn't stop people writing books - in principle I agree people should have the freedom to write about their experiences - but under the guidelines to protect national security." He further said, "Historically it has always been the preserve of officers to write their memoirs. No NCO had ever written a book. But now that our class system is opening up, anyone is capable of doing it."
Apparently McNab is shamefully unaware of memoirs, tales of daring, and wonderfully informative letters written by NCOs and men from the ranks as far back as the Napoleonic era. Many accounts of heroism from the Great War and World War II also found success at the cinemas when the British Film Industry was at its peak throughout the fifties and sixties.

It would seem McNab preaches "national security" which many of his ex colleagues refer to as "covering McNab's ass". The prevention of Soldier 5's publication, as written by Mike Coburn (pseudonym) is considered one of victimisation by McNab's ex colleagues. It has been leaked by Mike Coburn that MacNab would not come out of Soldier 5's publication smelling of roses!"

I'd not heard of this Whitehall commitee position before, has anyone else?

If true, i wonder how many books have been turned down as a "security threat", when the real reason could be because his status as a top special forces novelist could be threatened by the competition?


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posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 02:57 PM

Originally posted by CX
Andy McNab, ex-SAS soldier turned author who makes a good living from his books has recieved much bashing from members of his own regiment for various reasons in the past.
Not just his own regiment and its certenly not in the past

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 01:56 PM
I watched something on the discovery channel ( or some fo those documentary channels ) not too long ago wich went along the lines of picking holes in the story, but i don't think thats the point though.

He writes these books to make a living, it would be rediculos to suggest that the story should stick exactly to events as the unfolded. The story is BASED on the events that happened on that mission. Give the guy a break, how many people do you know that could even get into the army, let alone the SAS.

anyway back on topic.

If he is on a whitehall comittee then im not too sure what to make of it. Maybe he has been selected because of his experiances and is really trying to protect national secrity, but this i a conspiracy forum after all so it cant be that simple now can it?

If the 5th soldiers book is being held from publication then thats pointing to something going on (possibly), but since this si a consiracy forum i will just come back and say that soldier 5 is just trying to cash in on any mcnabs fame?


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