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Cloning ??? What risk are we willing to take !?!?!?

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posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 09:45 AM
After four failed attempts, Clayton was born Aug. 8. His birth had been kept secret until Wednesday.
Genetic material was extracted from a cell sample taken from Scamper, then transferred to an egg that had its own genetic material removed. An embryo was grown in an incubator before it was transferred to a mare.

The foal is almost identical to the older model, except for white markings between Clayton’s eyes.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Are we just trying to trick Science ???? Pretend we are god when we know little to nothing about what we are doing other than looking at something and saying wow We can keep this Tissue alove this long ... by doing these things ... Darn oh well we killed it that time .. Wonder what we did wrong ... OH well let's try it again ... and again and again ... ???
What are we willing to do for Science ??

Why is it that 3 years ago we were hiding cloning sheep??? Now we are hiding cloning Horses ... but 3 months after the experiment and the horseis born and everything APPEARS to be alright .... we let the secret out ???? Remember, Remember , ...............

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