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Labeling or mislabeling people is akin to namecalling.

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posted on Nov, 13 2003 @ 08:44 PM
Hillary and Bill Clinton were probably the most liberal politicians in the White House. In fact I belive it is againts the law for a lawyer to hold the office of president.

However I feel that Labeling or mislabeling people is akin to namecalling.

Labeling people Liberals, repugnants and conservatives is no better than gutter dragging mud throwing

Furthermore labeling all democrats liberals and all Republicans conservatives is totaly inadequate. Weve had pot smoking alchoholic republicans and wealthy rich alchoholic democrats.

Democrats and Repbulicans are both lying power grabbing theives. There is little difference in either party. The two party system is a joke. Next time you vote go vote for the green party or the centrelist party or some other damn party.

Everyone knows that voting for a third party is a wasted vote. Damn what a joke. Its all a big joke. Same SHit Different day.

I can relate to the black member of ATS, whos frustrated with the system. I understand his anger. I am also frustrated with the system. However making half witted, anxious, shoot from the hip comments about what is going is ridiculous.

Its abvious were all getting #ed and America is getting fleeced. In fact even ABC runs those little news specials from Rockerfelelr Center called the fleecing of America.

Just whatever you do, Im talking about lots of people here. DOnt resort to that tired old cliche of Name calling and labeling people here conservative, liberal, right wing, left wing or repgunant.

One thing is for certain. We dont need a Federalist party anymore. The federal government has gotten to big and out of control spending equals more taxs and less fiat currencey money for you. Vote for change. Vote for the 3rd party.

Rember that a vote for the republican party is like a chicken voting for Kolonal Sanders and that VRWC is Hilary Clintons new Resturant chain. Very RIght Wing Chicken. Means you get 2 skinny breasts, two floppy thighs and two right wings in the white house.

posted on Nov, 13 2003 @ 08:51 PM
It is about time that the US had more parties jump into the action. For a long time Canada was basically a 2 party system. But in the last 10 years a lot has changed, now there are a number of parties that are playing a major role in Canadian politics.

It is nice to know that if you are conservative, and you don't like the way the current conservative party is operating, then you have another option. Same thing if you are a liberal.

posted on Nov, 13 2003 @ 09:00 PM
I feel like People mislabel parties to manipulate the system. A person can be a wealthy conservative, sleep around, make up their own church, steal money and they have a great values. Another person might be into Herbal remedies, goto CHurch every week, dress conservative and be labeled a liberal.

It shouldnt matter what people do, it should matter whats on the inside but more and more we are living in a superficial society. Where things that feel good are considered good.


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