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WTO Rep Advocates "Compassionate Slavery"

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posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 02:39 AM
Hanniford Schmidt has announced a new WTO initiative for;

"full private stewardry of labor" for the parts of Africa that have been hardest hit by the 500 years of Africa's free trade with the West.

"Full, untrammelled stewardry is the best available solution to African poverty, and the inevitable result of free-market theory," Schmidt told more than 150 attendees. Schmidt acknowledged that the stewardry program was similar in many ways to slavery, but explained that just as "compassionate conservatism" has polished the rough edges on labor relations in industrialized countries, full stewardry, or "compassionate slavery," could be a similar boon to developing ones.

In the words of Schmidt:

"This is what free trade's all about," said Schmidt. "It's about the freedom to buy and sell anything—even people."

Sure, why not? Let's just crush the spirits of the African people even more by re-introducing slavery but let's put a
face on it and say it's "compassionate".

Dum, Dum, De, Dum, here comes your NWO.


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posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 06:31 AM
At first, I freaked, but after a little research, I don't think this is real.

Unless you knew that and were being funny... ish.

I went to wiki, and the link you gave,, is a parody site.

The real WTO site is

Whew! That was close.

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