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Bill Clinton Joke

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posted on Nov, 14 2006 @ 07:35 AM
Bill Clinton and Jennifer Flowers are in Clinton's bed "Doing It". Suddenly, they hear the front door open.

Jennifer: What was that?

Bill: quick, hide in the closet!

Jennifer Flowers scrambles into the closet and closes the door. Meanwhile, Bill pulles on his sweats and throws the covers on the bed. The bedroom door opens.

Hillary: What's that strange perfume?

Bill: Perfume? I don't smell anything.

Hillary (going to the closet): I'm sick of your lies.

Bill: I was hoping for a romatic evening. I even got you something special

Hillary opens the closet to see Jennifer Flowers cowering inside naked.

Hillary: William Clinton, I'm going to kill you.

Bill: But honey, I though you liked flowers!



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