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Spooks and project Aftermath

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posted on Nov, 14 2006 @ 04:08 AM
I was watching a t.v show called spooks last night and wondered if anyone else had watched it.

It was about a secret project called Aftermath that MI5 stumbled accross, where the United States and Britain were collaborating together to cause wars and occupy terratory's important for natural resources.
In the show both country's were abandoning the fight on climate change all together and instead securing as much oil and other resouces at as cheap a rate as possible or control of them according to the aftermath document.
The document also claimed that upto 35% of the worlds population could be wiped out due to global warming within 100 years, and they won't only do nothing about it but believed it was neccesary, because with india and china consuming more, there simply was not enough to go around and could not afford to lose out economicaly due to combating climate change without the rest of the world.

When i think about it, it makes some sense as america abandoned geneva and although the UK keeps harping on about climate change, we still went to occuppy IRAQ over none existent weapons of mass destruction. Kinda makes me wonder if this is the true reason we went to war with IRAQ

I tried googling for it but turned up nothing. i know it's a fictional program but many writers get their inspiration and ideas from real life scenarios or rumours.

And i have to ask the question has anyone else come across this project aftermath or something with the same objectives, i mean in many a storey i believe there is an element of truth however small and obscure.

If anyone has any ideas on this or even better knows something, please feel free to drop some knowledge over here, in the mean time ill be searching for any clues.


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