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The Greatest Story Ever Denied - thoughts?

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posted on Nov, 13 2006 @ 09:34 PM
The Greatest Story Ever Denied

From all my deep research into the subject of UFOLOGY, experience and knowledge, this movie has seemed to piece everything together into something very believable and not far fetched.

It's amazing we have so many people coming forward and willing to come forward... to testify in front of congress.. about the existence of Extraterrestrials and the government's hampering of the knowledge.

Your thoughts? 37640135436&q=Greatest+Story+Ever+Denied&hl=en

posted on Nov, 13 2006 @ 10:33 PM
Well Masisoar, from all your research, and from Foo Fighters to STS missions, and all the pictures, sightings, videos, and abduction reports in between. What do "you" think? Is it as simple as fear of world wide panic (War Of The Worlds class, vintage 1950's), Ego (not being able to defend our own skies), or is it something far more sinister? Great movie, thanks for the link.

posted on Nov, 13 2006 @ 10:56 PM
I believe.. in the beginning of the phenomena when it really began to pick up and become more prominent during the early half of the last century, it was a fear of not knowing what it was that was buzzing our skies.

Numerous craft and strange sightings occured very very often and it was enough to scare a lot of the populus. I mean if the government couldn't defend our skies or provide valid explainations for what everyone was seeing.. then how would the nation collectively react.

So I believe we downplayed the issue, made it seem a taboo subject, something of nut cases, when indeed it was the opposite in reality as pilots, and noteable persons were in fact seeing these things. But we covered up things such as the Roswell crash and numerous other sightings in hope that we could find out what they were.

As some websites, people, books have tended to say.. the government found them to in fact not be a direct threat and kept the blindfold over the American public and still to this day.

I believe we found them to be benign and neutral.. not threatening.. and by that, they left us alone to our own misery. When the powerful elite of the world realized this in the later half of this last century.. they took advantage of that.. and now keep the populus free of any info of UFOs for fear of reasons of control loss.. and the loss of power.

I'm very sure they're not threatening as some will lead us to believe (Certain conspiracy sites), because as the official that worked in the skunkworks claimed, and I'm sure many other knowledge people within the UFO community will agree, and will I.. that they have been on this Earth for a VERY VERY long time and observing.. if they truely wanted the end of us, it would of happened a while ago but that simply isn't the case.

Disclosure would equal chaos but for the betterment of humanity.. but I feel disclosure does not equal instant contact with alien species.. I tend to believe a rather rational theory but if we had disclosure.. then the elite will use the aliens as a threat against the populus.. and try to unite "all of humanity" in a fight against them.. as an act to stay alive. I believe from this, many "believers of them being peaceful" will die, and chaos will ensue, mass chaos, as revolutions of the past. And when the dust settles.. it'll be quite a different world but of the same nature.

It's just the people in power don't want to lose it.. and if disclosure DOES happen.. MANY MANY MANY people will be asking A LOT of questions about EVERYTHING. The only defense those in power have against such questions is saying they were doing it to protect us.. and that extraterrestrials are a threat to us, I mean.. it's really up to your imagination as to what happens from there.

I'm totally not sure when this occur but I'm fairly sure this would be a very likely scenario in the event of disclosure.. and whether disclosure will occur in the immediate future.. I do not know. Depends on the amount of pressure on Congress and amount of people pushing the issue onto the general public.

Personally I feel THIS is the missing link in our daily lives which is in fact becoming a bottleneck for the advancement of the world. It's interesting as my girlfriend and I sat down to watch this (She wasn't much of a UFO buff but I convinced her through reasonable presentation and my experiences), that I really began to think. When I saw this, I saw it as the reality.. of how we are right now.. the truth.. the shroud that's been put over our eyes.. the ONE PIECE of life that really matters.. over EVERYTHING at this point. And it was weird to look over the city from my apartment and just see a completely different world.. which wasn't concerned with this.. and that wasn't familiar with this issue. And that'll turn to be the challenge. Whoever can win the public support in the end.. the benign or the elite.


posted on Nov, 14 2006 @ 01:25 PM
Gotta say, this was probally one of the better UFO documentaries I had seen in a while. Like was said, it seemed to present a very real view of where we are at today. Without the drama and flare of the usual documentaries that you see on History Channel, National Geographic, and the others. I downloaded it and showed to a bunch of people. If others here haven't seen it, I strongly reccomend it!

posted on Nov, 14 2006 @ 02:14 PM
This is currently being discussed extensively here:'

I've just recently watched the film and was overly impressed. I, the ignorant, am officially a skeptic.

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