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Combat Breaks Out In Somalia; The Imposed Transitional Government Rejects Peace Deal

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posted on Nov, 12 2006 @ 10:02 PM
The Transitional Government has attacked the Islamic militias a day after vigilante lawmaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan visited Mogadishu and brokered a peace deal with the popular people's movement of the Islamic Courts Union. The town of Bandiradley was captured by the ICU initially after they came under attack from pro-government militia backed by Ethiopian troops. Two Islamic officials were killed and the government has yet to acknowledge any casualties. However, the Islamic fighters managed to capture two tanks, which they state have the Ethiopian markings, as well as eleven technical .
MOGADISHU, Somalia: Heavy fighting broke out in central Somalia on Sunday, a day after the transitional government rejected a peace initiative with the country's Islamic movement, officials said.

Islamic militia captured the town of Bandiradley after claiming they came under attack from pro-government militia backed by Ethiopian troops near the border of the semiautonomous region of Puntland, one of the few areas still outside their control.

"The fighting is continuing and we are pursuing Puntland troops," Mohamed Mahmud Agaweyne, spokesman for the Islamic group in central Somalia, told The Associated Press by telephone. Sa'id Abdirahman Dakaweyne, a colonel with the Puntland militia, also confirmed the fighting.

Two Islamic fighters were killed, Islamic officials said. Government officials declined to say if any of their militia were killed. Unconfirmed reports said three local residents were also killed. Neither side would comment the sizes of forces involved. Agaweyne said, however, that the Islamic fighters had captured two tanks and 11 pickup trucks mounted with machine guns, known locally as "technicals."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Before I am slammed for bias in my choice of using imposed government in the headline, I would like to remind all that there was not a vote by the Somali people for the appointed representatives now in power, many of who have resigned as a result of their failure. I think the exact definition of the word also justifies it, so please avoid comments on any bias in the headlines.

set forth authoritatively as obligatory; "the imposed taxation"; "rules imposed by society"

Does anyone find it odd that the government decides to attack as soon as they rejected the peace deal? I mean the Courts have worked hard in restoring order to Southern Somalia, opened up their commerce hubs, prosecuted criminals, chased out the warlords, and even tried diplomacy with the imposed government to avoid a complete civil and possibly regional war.

The government instead decides to back-up the warlords who have terrorized the nation for years, brutally extorting the citizens of what meager income they were able to earn.

Now the United states is trying to say there may soon be suicide attacks in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Late last week, the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, warned that extremists in Somalia were planning suicide attacks in Kenya and Ethiopia. As of Monday, all flights to Somalia from Kenya will be suspended due to security reasons, government spokesman Alfred Mutua said. The order affects the six-days-a-week service from Nairobi to Mogadishu and three other towns in Somalia.

Strangely enough there have been no suicide bombing as of yet, but as soon as the West mentions them it is a complete possibility. I wonder how they came about this intelligence, or if it was completely fabricated and they are preparing false flag operations. This report comes a few days after US troops were spotted carrying out an unspecified mission along the Kenyan Somalia border. I find it unlikely we have any spies in the council responsible for military decisions. If those plans were no secret then the statements would have been paraded all over the world by now. We all know how much the West loves/hates suicide bombings.

You can find the basics of the rejected peace agreement in the second reference .

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posted on Nov, 13 2006 @ 02:14 AM
It's not like they didn't see this coming, since they've been pumping arms into East Africa.

ATS: 11 States Fuel Islamic Civil War in Somalia

So what's the prize? The Name of the Game in Somalia is Oil

Looks to me Somalia is yet another country turned into a proxy war playground for corporate interests.

posted on Nov, 13 2006 @ 05:01 PM
Good God Regean I had no idea. I just never could find any of tha when I have been researching Somalia. I will have to go looking in a used book store soon and see what other treasures I can dig up. for those of you who will no doubt refuse to read the sources provided by Regen, I will try to summarize it up a bit.

Back in the 80's Hunt oil company discovered a billion barrel reservoir in Yemen, and believed it extended across the Red Sea into Somalia. The world Bank did an extesnive technical study through their principal petroleum engineer, Thomas E. O’Connor. He was dead certain it was there. So once Bush hit office, he used his position to influence the Washington puppet dictator in Somalia, Siad Barre. Once he was sufficiently bribed, he awarded exploration rights to four major oil companies: Conoco, Amoco, Chevron and Phillip—all of them with connections to Bush.
They invested tens of millions of dollars into the oil wells of Somalia. Unfortunately the ruthless dictator Barre was overthrown and killed, civil war broke out between the factions, and all the little king's men ran away... except Conoco. They figured since Bush was handling things pretty cleanly in Kuwait against Iraq, he was sure to win a second term. So they paid the warring factions to bug off whilst they went about their business, waiting for their knight in shining armor.
Unfortunately Bush suffered a humiliating defeat to Clinton (the people want what they want eh?). But. before he was pushed back away into his catacombs, he sent 20,000 storm-troopers to assist the UN with their humanitarian effort, and let his buddies at Conoco know he had not forgotten them.
Concurrently he sent a key figure, Robert D. Oakley, to sort things out at the political level and clear things for Conoco to do their thang. However, Farah Aideed, one of the key figures involved in chasing out Barre's regime, did not appreciate Oakley's method of diplomacy. Soon enough, American soldiers’ arrogant, colonial, behaviour made them the enemies of all the warring Somali factions, especially Aideed’s. Scores of them were killed in hand to hand combat. Clinton, by then in the White House, cut his losses and pulled the entire U.S. contingent out of Somalia. Conoco’s dream of striking rich in Somalia lay buried in the debris of war.

I will conclude this with excerpts from the end of the article.

That was 9 years ago. Bush Jr. now thinks September 11 has served Somalia on a platter to him and his powerful friends in the Texas oil lobby. The new Bush doctrine of fighting evil and terrorism is a rehash of the old Bush doctrine of controlling the energy resources of the Gulf and the region around it. The essential thrust, and end-game, of both is the same: keep the world of Islam in thrall to the west and exploit its rich mineral deposits to the hilt for the benefit of the west. That was the thesis expounded by that redoubtable dispenser of power politics, Henry Kissinger, in the early 70s when OPEC imposed the first oil embargo against the west for its unabashed espousal of Israeli interests at the cost of the Arabs.

Conoco and others of their ilk must have started dusting their old blueprints of Somalia. They have, once again, a friend in the White House prepared to wage a crusade on their behalf. None should doubt his resolve to realise his dreams and those of his friends. He is behaving as if he were in a game of blind man’s buff, swinging his stout stick around with his eyes closed. He has despatched 600 American soldiers to assist the Filipino army to ferret out the brigands of Abu Siaf from the jungle. He has recently responded similarly to a call from Edouard Shavernadze of Georgia to fight his rebels said to be abetted by the Chechens. Anyone who could pronounce Al Qaeda may rest assured that George W. Bush would respond to their call with a missionary zeal. His mission has a single sentence bottom line: he will fight ‘ Islamic terrorism’ in the remotest corner of the world.


Next on the list we will discuss how the US made something out of nothing In Mogadishu which has led to the current threat of regional war.

posted on Nov, 13 2006 @ 06:07 PM
I'm still trying to sort it out and make sense of it all too, so my thoughts remain somewhat scattered. One problem is a lot of Somalian news gets buried on the back pages, while the most of the general public yawns about Africa's problems, and thus it isn't discussed much. Considering it is projected that 25% US oil imports will come from Africa within the next decade, it will eventually take center stage.

The US government pretends to be fighting the good fight under the shadow of corporate vultures, and readily washes its hands towards the 1000's massacred in Rwanda and Darfur. The bitter and pathetic irony is that US is now backing some of the same warlords who in 1993 killed, mutilated, and dragged US soldiers thru the streets of Mogadishu.

U S says Somalia must not be proxy war for others, but it already is.

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posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 10:49 PM

"The UIC tactics have been to negotiate surrenders with local clans and it is now nibbling at Puntland [a region of North East Somalia which has declared autonomy]. If Puntland defected to the UIC, the effect would be huge.

"But one should not assume that the UIC will be like the Taleban. Many Somali expatriates are putting pressure on it not do so. If it is treated as an extremist organisation it might become one. There needs to be engagement with it. Some good news is coming from Mogadishu and even the port has re-opened."

There is a power struggle within the UIC between hardline and more moderate elements.

A man who has been named by the United States as a terrorist suspect, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, leads the hardliners.

But another leader, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, is seen as more moderate and anxious to develop links with the US, the EU and others.

We have to please please not overlook that fact that most of the area now under control by the UIC was not taken by force, but negotiated and consolidated through peaceful diplomacy. In almost every case that has resulted in skirmishes, it was the result of a re-armed warlord and his regrouped milita that had been kicked out of Mogadishu or other towns.

the reason the Courts objected Ethiopian presence was because of the fact that the Majority of the Southern part of the country was sideing with their cause. Most of the actions this group has taken has been for the benefit of the people, and has had much desired positive results. They were hoping that if they could not diplomatically negotiate a surrender in Baidoa, that at least they could peacefully consolidate their strengths. Unfortunately they tried taking the diplomatic and peaceful route, but the government rejected it. not only did they reject it, they invited a foreign entity to destabalize the region, and then ATTACKED the Courts.

I am sorry, but that is not the actions of a responsible government or leaders who have their citizens best interests at heart.

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posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 07:50 PM
I hope you people are at leass gathering the bigger part of the story here. It probably won't be but a few months before it comes up in the news, and I would hate to hear ignorant people talking about "nuking the country of Somalia because it is nothing but terrorists". and how evil and crazy these terrorists are. That is not what they are.

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