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Reasons why Governments Keep Aliens a Secret?

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posted on Nov, 14 2006 @ 07:33 AM
...Think about this for a minute. Human beings are consumers, we consume not only for survival's sake, but for pleasure as well. The fact that we have the ability to select and engage in pleasure feeds a truly nasty human trait known as greed. Our system is built in such a way (Think Capitalism) that those with an advantage typically receive a greater reward which yields more pleasure. It's simple human nature.

Building on this, man has always had a competitive streak - a need to conquer and rule. Again, conquering and ruling affords the ruler a greater stake in the reward and pleasure that results. Man does this by seeking advantage over his fellow man; be it an advantage in weapons, in strategy or tactics, an advantage in geography, money etc... Having a better... whatever, or more... whatever, gives this advantage.

Now imagine that an alien civilization contacts you and offers to share it's technology with you in exchange for their ability to gain a better understanding of us through observation and perhaps, unabated experimentation on human beings. Would you be so benevolent as to offer all of these secrets up to the general public??? I think not!

It is inherent in the nature of men to use such an advantage over his enemies and even his friends. Whole nations enjoy the technology to prop up it's military and give it a gloabl advantage; communications, stealth, guidance, propulsion, high-yield explosives etc... Additionally, there is commercial value. Once secured as a nation-state, additional technology can be sold and consumed on the open market yielding great riches for those who hold "patent" on the technology. PCs, transistors, fiber optics, processors etc...

Now, be honest with yourself... if an alien offered you some type of technology or knowledge that you know would give YOU an advantage in the global economy, gave YOU an advantage over your adversaries, would YOU share that with the entire world for nothing?

posted on Nov, 14 2006 @ 07:43 AM
yes, i would.
but thats just me, i am nice person


posted on Nov, 14 2006 @ 08:41 AM
Interesting discussion. Could you imagine what the terrorist would do and proclaim? They woud say Satan himself has Visited the Great Satan!! Think of the anarchy that would be caused. A person is logical, People are illogical. The "Sheepeople" don't want their world disturbed.

And what of the political parties? Would there be Democrats, Republicans, and Aliencrats? Who would you vote for? Or would you want the Aliens making the decisions for us? Are you ready to follow THEM? How much control do you want?

And if the government tries to impose THEM upon us, will you be part of the resistance or part of the Proponents?

What is their central belief system? You would give a thirsty man water, so if the Alien was thirsty, what happens if water is caustic? Maybe they have come to send us to the Underverse and end out pain and suffering.

Cultures clash on this world and we are of the same common family. Think of the Cultural clash between worlds.

No, the secret bases are for US, not for them. They exist, but I believe they are somewhat standoffish at present. We are being watched- we are being CHANGED, but it is not time yet. In due time. . .

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 07:19 PM

Originally posted by Mondogiwa
How bout this hilroy! Do you think governments around the globe have the same alien info? Or, do you think each area of the world has its own separate evidence/communication??

Very good question. The governments that "count" like democratic ones.

Perhaps the aliens prefer the N. Koreans?

I beleive all friendly nations if it serves their purpose, share some if not all of the info with each other.

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 07:32 PM

Originally posted by kozmo

Now, be honest with yourself... if an alien offered you some type of technology or knowledge that you know would give YOU an advantage in the global economy, gave YOU an advantage over your adversaries, would YOU share that with the entire world for nothing?

What the dummy human elites don't understand is that when the aliens land and take over and they are going to do that.. they won't need the useless humans anymore. The elites will be the first to go when they don't need them as they will not be able to trust them - the aliens.

The human elites have to stand with the rest of us and fight the aliens and then they have a chance of surviving.

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 08:14 PM
Technological impairment is one along with being just as guile as others.The Government likes to think they are the only ones with new toys in our sandbox, but are sadly mistaken.Mankind can in actuality can only take steps forward to an "external source" that will lead him to his own making a moment in time where everything is rewritten.Humans are an upgradeble source.We are being upgraded again for a more successful future.

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 08:28 PM
Yes, it's all about control. If the government or any organization has access to technology or information they won't just let the cat out of the bag. Some might say they take time to consider repercussions, possible wars breaking out over who gets the technology first or whatever. But the truth is, they just want complete and utter control over what they have. They love just letting it out a little at a time, that's how they get their rocks off.

But I don't even know if they have any of that anyway....

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 08:47 PM

Originally posted by hilroy
I was just thinking, and assuming everything is true (aliens, coverups and the like) why would the governments keep it a secret?

If the main story is true about aliens, then its very understandable why they would keep it secret. The technology involved is far superior than anything known on earth or made by humans. The military's dominance depends on a technological edge, and maintaining that edge, to insure saving the most lives possible. If suddenly they could harvest this technology, they would have a gigantic advantage over any other country, and could maintain that advantage over many decades, if not centuries. Theres also the fact, that if what people saying about the greys and reptilians is true, then they are just using us for biological material, and exploiting us, as we do to animals. What kind of effect would that have on the American people, knowing that the government knew about this, and has been lying all this time, for their own selfish reasons of harvesting exotic technology, which would then in turn yeild great profits for those in the correct positions.

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 08:54 PM
Okay, let's look at ot from a historical standpoint. Consider Rome. As they moved across and conquered the "known world" they left the rulers that were in place as the rulers. They taxed the people they conquered, but some of the money went back to the locals in the form of road building and other infrastructure. You paid homage to Rome and taxes to Rome, but for the most part you ruled yourself. If the local rulers gave in without a battle, the local populace knew very little about what was going on.

Maybe the same thing has happened here and we have been sold to the aliens. I wonder what kind of taxes the aliens would want from us?

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 02:19 AM

Theres also the fact, that if what people saying about the greys and reptilians is true, then they are just using us for biological material, and exploiting us, as we do to animals. What kind of effect would that have on the American people, knowing that the government knew about this, and has been lying all this time, for their own selfish reasons of harvesting exotic technology,

I agree with this line of thinking, i think this would be a very large secret to hold, with alot of very powerful people standing to not only lose that power, but their very lives and/or freedom should this secret get out. Also the aliens likely did play some role in religion, and this would devestate our conventional understanding of God and possibly unite all religions into one. Like another poster commented, people will either attempt to kill or worship the ETs, we typically dont have a moderate middle ground on such a revelation. I think the sudden shock of revealing this information would crash the stock market, cause the jailment of important officals, and really just muck up what we consider our daily lives and unfortunatly it would be humans who do all this damage to themselves, all the aliens would have to do is say "hi". Finally I think if people understood who really held the power, it would dissove our trust and belief in our goverments, i mean if there was now a universal goverment that exists how would we weight and value our meaningless countries goverment in comparison? I think its just easier to keep the status quo unfortunately, and slowly introduce alien presence through literature and film over many many years until the idea sits well with the populace.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 06:23 AM
Fear of loss of power,
stock market collapse,
people suffering from hysteria,looting ect,
once the general panic had subside a general malaise in which noone would go to work or pay taxes,
the fact that few would heed advice given by police,clergy or politicians,
a disregard for nationality as people slowly realised the fact they are all the same species.
But by far the biggest reason cabals including puppeteers of politicians ,global corperations/leaders of multinational conglomerates are reluctant to reveal disclosure is...there is absolutely nothing in it for them(and a great deal to lose)

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 07:15 AM
Then Major Hector Quintanilla of the US Airforce's Project Blue Book said to the press they wanted to know if the UFO phenomena presented a threat to the United States. and two, if UFO technology could be channeled into Military Research and Development.

Here some info on Quintanilla and Project Blue Book. The project was shut down in 1969-70.


posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 03:49 PM

Originally posted by Gazrok

"A lot of political and religious effects. How would some of the world's greatest religions (largely centered on the dominance of humans) explain beings more advanced than humans existing? Surely we are not then in God's image....perhaps? That's just a small example, but many widely held beliefs would be shattered overnight. You may downplay it, but you also must realize that a lot of the world's folks' lives revolve around religion. An upset to this, could have billions suddenly left feeling hopeless, or at least confused.... It would be an unprecedented occurance."

Amen to this, Gazrok!! This is what I have been trying to say in other discussions. If the "Truth" was to be revealed, the the world as we know it, would be completely and utterly turned on its backside. I guarantee you that it is not just the world governments that are hiding this information, the Vatican has a lot to do with it as well. Mass chaos, mass suicide, and utter anarchy would begin if they were found out to be "real". People would really have to sit down and decide, is our God an image of a man? or not??

Don't you think that the Aliens are trying to show us proof also? Little by little...The thing about it is, if anyone tries to talk about it, they are looked upon as a real nutjob. Maybe they are trying to reveal themselves a little at a time, so when the truth does come out, it will scare fewer people. Hmmm.

Just a thought and opinion.

Keeping it real.


"excuses are tools to nothingness"

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 04:24 PM
The reason for keeping it a secret is because

they are human mutations... SELF-MADE human mutations..
You can change your DNA/RNA with your thought. which changes the structure and function of cells and your body as a unit... it could quickly mutate due to an inner nuclear 'explosion' because the cells are instructed to do so...

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 07:23 PM
REALANSWERS ! thats some scary # about the underground bases.
good post!

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 11:13 AM
i think it is because of how everyone would react if you turned on the tv now saw an alien(Big head compound eyes what have you)calmly explaining the nature of existence or how their interaction with us now puts us at loggerheads with these guys over on vulcan or 51 peg etc a good few people would take this as an opportunity to murder steal and otherwise pillage their filthy black guts out

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 11:27 AM
Its all about the power and it would throw off the economy making everything become balanced. like all this oil we wouldnt need and they dont want to disrupt that way of life. and other reasons that you just need to use logic to figure out.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 11:39 AM
some nicely varied replys
all very interesting

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 12:01 PM
Why are governments keeping it a secret?

1) Aliens are keeping it a secret.

2) What's in it for the government to start talking?

Seriously, think harder about point number two. Given that ETs don't want to make significant open contact or give us/trade us for any technology useful for our lives, what's in it for the authorities?

Who benefits? Who gets re-elected? Who makes money?

Nobody, nobody and nobody.

You'll have lots of people pestering them with questions and greater expectations (where's my landspeeder? where's my warp drive?) which won't be able to be satisfied.

Would people start polluting even more or acting more recklessly on the assumption that Nice Uncle ET will fix everything? Some antiscientific religious fundamentalists (Senator Inofhe-OK) have approximately the same foolish idea already.

Suppose government says ETs are real. Do you think that tomorrow you won't have to pay your mortgage? Deal with your mother in law? Put food on the table? Get a beer?

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 10:26 PM
[removed quote of entire previous post]

The industrial military complex thats who and other companies that are affiliated with the peoples who are out of legal sight by authorities. The people who have secret bases across the U.S. and surly else where. and impose a black budget from which are taxes money go to for them to use for there USAP and other black projects. they get $32 billion, some speculate to be much higher. you cant just assume anything you have to leave it open as a possibility and thats it. There is alot of contradiction in your logic

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