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US Blog That Holds Government Responsible Wins Weblog Award

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posted on Nov, 12 2006 @ 05:53 AM
Yesterday the Best of Blog Weblogs awards (The BOBs) picked for the first time in 3 year a US Weblog as the best Weblog in 2006. Worldwide there were more then 5500 contestors.
From pushing people to live for the moment to protecting bears, from bicycle activism to holding politicians accountable, the 2006 Best of the Blogs Weblog awards (BOBs) showed the variety of the blogosphere.

For the first time in the three-year history of Deutsche Welle's Best of the Blogs awards, an American blog, the Sunlight Foundation, received the competition's Best Weblog honors. received the award for Best English Weblog.

"The Sunlight Foundation blog is a group of people who are not only writing about transparency in American politics, they are helping motivate their audience to uncover wrongdoing and shine a light on how the US Congress operates," said US jury member Mark Glaser. "Not only are they fighting corruption, but they are also creating tools so that average citizens can become watchdogs on their own."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I never heard of this award and always wondered why there wasn't an award for best weblog and here it is. It seems that this is the third edition.

They devided it into 6 catagories. Best Weblog, Best Podcast, Best Corporate Blog, Blogwurst, and Blog per language and reporters without borders

I will sum all the weblogs that won. Some are in their own language but this is a board with people from the whole world, so there is something for everyone.

Best Weblog
Sunlight foundation (English)
The mission of the Sunlight Foundation is to use the power of the Internet and technology to help citizens learn more about what Congress and its representatives are doing

Best Podcast
Muzimei Studio (Chinese)
From the blog, to the podcast to the video podcast, Muzimei is always among the avant-guard of China. Her podcast, which includes both audio and video, is one of China's few interview podcasts and presents a rare, non-mainstream stories and points of view.

Best Corporate blog
Sport (Russian)
An informative soccer blog that goes beyond match reports and box scores to discuss the politics, and even corruption, behind the game.

Reporters without borders
Kosoof (Persian)
Hamed Mottaghi uses his blog to denounce human rights violations in Iran and reports on issues never covered by the national media.

Aref-adib (Persian)
Photo comparison and commentary that's a little different from everything else in the world. Be sure to check out the blogs celebrity look-a-like photos

Best English
Paid content (English)
PaidContent is keeping track of all the different business models being tried and tested in the realm of digital media. The blog offers the most in-depth coverage of a the ever changing industry with speed to which other media outlets can only aspire.

If you want to see the list with all the winners go to The BOBs 2006

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