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Suicide Bomber Kills 33 In Baghdad

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posted on Nov, 12 2006 @ 04:36 AM
Police officials said that two suicide bombers strapped with explosives killed at least 35 Iraqis and wounded 60 more Sunday outside the national police headquarters in western Baghdad. The victims were among dozens waiting to join the police force outside the recruitment center in the Qadessiya district when the suicide bombers detonated their explosives belts. There were also four other separate bombings.
The attack was one of several on Sunday in the capital, where sectarian violence kills scores each week. Just south of the city, police were searching for gunmen who killed 10 Shiite travelers and kidnapped about 50 others Saturday night along a notoriously dangerous stretch of highway.

Earlier Sunday, a pair of roadside bombings targeting police patrols in Baghdad killed at least six civilians and wounded six others, said police Cap. Mohammed Abdul-Ghani.

A car bomb outside a market in Baghdad's primarily Shiite downtown Karradah killed at least one person and wounded five others, while a similar bomb killed two people and injured 13 in the mainly Sunni neighborhood of Radhwaniyah, Police 1st. Lt. Thaer Mahoud said.

Unknown gunmen also shot and killed police Brig. Abdul-Mutalib Hassan as he was leaving his Karradah home for work. Hassan had been head of a police unit in charge of registering vehicles that is widely seen as a source of corruption.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The sad thing about these tragedies is that this type of violence occurs on a weekly basis.

It is also my opinion that no matter how successful a war or police action (or whatever else you want to call it) may be, people are still going to express religous hatred towards one another and keep killing one another. It is no surprise that thruout history there has only been a total of just over 100 years of peace globally.

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