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Prayer to rapture/bliss?

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posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 02:24 PM
Have you experienced rapture in deep spiritual state?

How many times?

Can you provoke it at any time?

Is there any critera like time of day or intervals of this happening to you?

Can you post your deepest experience?

posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 03:51 PM
For the last 3 years or is hard to keep track in the 'zone' least it was at first...May 2004 is the approximate time of the full-fledged that makes it actually closer to 2 1/2 years.

It gets easier as time goes on. That first year, there were literally periods of 2 or 3 days at a time that I walked about with my mind in a totally 'other' place - I would be washing dishes or be in the shower (water seemed to transfer extra *whatever* and still does - along with what I call 'mindless chores') with my jaw probably gaping open, performing the washing of dish or body in what probably looked more zombie-ish than rapture-ish...

Luckily, those close to me never considered me Ms. Normal by any means - so that was just probably an exacerbation of my lifelong 'eccentric' nature.

But - truly - I am not crazy or 'non normal' looking and I still function in public without problem (as I said - it gets easier!).

Not that anything ever abated - I just grew accustomed to it. From time to time I get a little 'break' - a couple of weeks or so where things are 'uneventful.' But I've learned that those times are followed by another period of intensity.

This is something that happened because of a certain event in my life - and it is not transient or something that is like a spell or condition that comes and goes. My life was literally transformed in ways I did not ever conceive of, much less imagine or shoot for! And the event and my reaction to it were not anything more than what I thought was normal human despair ( a somewhat long story that I'm sure I've posted elsewhere on ATS if you are interested - perhaps the details aren't that important - I don't know).

At first I began to have the idea and word 'kundalini' come into my mind - but didn't know much about it - there is a local construction firm here named that...but I searched it out and was amazed and what I learned - and then I began to correlate that experience with what the christians call 'the baptism of the holy spirit' although I do think that is something far less common that is believed (even by those who feel they have been there)...I only say this because it is not something that is just a easy one-moment change-o-matic nor is it scary at all - many accounts of others who tried various means to raise their kundalini reported fearful and unpredictable effects and events and their state of awareness (or awakened kundalini) didn't persist but rather had to be 'provoked' as you put it....and sometimes what they shared was a lot like one might imagine a troubling spirit would cause to happen.

I came to realize one thing, above all: it is not good to wake the snake before the snake is ready - and I truly don't think opening chakras or making public religious confessions are of any benefit at all....they are something done to gain something - and this thing cannot be gained - it is definitely something that is received and it is not rushed in good humor!

Not long after my crown chakra opened (while I was still largely unaware and ignorant of what was going on) I had an experience with a rainbow---the most beautiful and complete display I'd ever seen - and it was SO close - I could see how the colors morphed into each other but never had any clear line of division whatsoever! And later, studying up on the physics of rainbows, I was startled and amazed to discover that the circumstances in which that rainbow appeared to me (and one other who was with me that day) were actually totally preclusive of even a dim or incomplete prismatic apparition! IOW - that rainbow was an impossibility - I should not have been able to see such according to logistics and the physics of prisms and raindrops.

That isn't necessarily the deepest - I really can't say what would be - there isn't that concept of comparisons like that anymore in most of my thinking. But it did have to do with the chakras and the story of Noah in the bible - and many other things - the rainbow is a vital part of our spiritual awareness!


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