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My second odd dreaming/awake experience.

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posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 11:34 AM
I posted this in paranormal first, not knowing where it fits best. After reading some of these posts, and not getting any replies in the Paranormal section, I'm gonna post it here. Mods, if this is a problem, feel free to move it.

A while back, I posted this thread about a weird experience I had while I was possibly asleep. Well, another thing sort of like it happened again the other night. I was in that half dream/half awake state again, and a weird course of events played through my head...I can't exactly tell you what it was, because I don't remember 100% of it either. What I do remember is that somebody was explaining something to me. I know it sounds cheesy and made up, but I remember the feeling that it was some sort of conspiracy matter. I was shown a picture of a dollar bill, then another picture (Which may also have been on a dollar bill...I don't remember.) I remember that these things I was being shown were somehow related to 9/11 or some sort of terrorist attacks, and I remember having the feeling like "this is ridiculous." The two pictures were put together, and they formed the shape of a ship... When I saw that ship, that same feeling instantly came over me, only I think it was worse... It was like a light switch. I got extremely cold, very afraid, and I felt sharp pin pricks all over me, mainly my back... It was like an extremely fearful and freezing cold state...and I was completely awake for it. I should also mention I felt a sort of "doomed' sensation, like something terrible was about to happen. The image of that ship was like engraved into my head or something. Anyway, it took me a while before I stopped being cold, and I was actually so afraid I turned on a light...and I never do that!

Again I don't mean to be digging for something that's not there. It could very well be some sort of weird night terror...

Thoughts? Ideas?

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