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The Simpsons, yet again!

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posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 06:04 PM
Yes I know this is my second thread about the simpsons, but this is one of the only shows I have ever been 'hooked' on from the beginning. I have the 8 first seasons of the simpsons on DVD, and about 75 episodes recorded on tape going up to season 13. My dad is also a fanatic, for my first birthday, he drew Bart Simpson on my cake! It was pretty well made. Anyways, the point is, The Simpson is the longest running animation cartoon the world has ever known! (Beating The Flintstones) and I think we should have some sort of 'Shrine' to them.
So, with this said, I want everybody who watches The Simpson to post their;
1)Favorite episode (Why?)
2)Favorite quote (Can be from any character),
3)Favorite character (Why?),
and last but not least,
4)Their LEAST favorite character (Again why?)

So I'll start ;
I don't really have a favorite episode but I'll name a few that I know I'll remember for a longgg time - The Lemon Of Troy! Lisa On Ice, Bart The General, Some Enchanted Evening, Bart The Daredevil, Three Men and a Comic Book, Bart the Murderer, Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk, ---->Homer at the Bat!!, The Otto Show, Mr. Plow, Whacking Day (When Homer is in the yard whacking plastic snakes, Classic!) I only posted my favorites up to season 5 about.

My favorite quotes -- Well there is too many!

Favorite character is OttO ( My name is Otto, i'm playing PablO!) , Snake (Dude!) Homer, SI Chalmers (SKINNER!), Bart, Flanders (Diddly-iddly!) Lenny and Carl, Wiggum'S and Lou and Ed from the police force, and much more.

Least Favorite - I don't know why, but I despise Milhouses dad! lol

Anyways I hope everyone writes in this thread because The Simpsons deserve this for giving us many MANY years of entertainment!


posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 12:58 PM
I dont really have a fav ep but so many are great and I dont know ep names.
There are a few not as liked ones though, Many may disagree but I dont like Mr Plow, the Mr Plow song grates on me (how many times can you hear it).
My fav caracter's are: Homer (obvious reasons)
I like Sideshow Bob
and for some reason Proffesor Frink
Rather than giving you my fav quote i'll just post my tag from my counter strike days.

But I also love the way Homer say's Saxomaphone.

I've had this Homer's x-ray pic a looong time...

Oh and it's not a problem that you post many Simpsons thread's, no one can complain about that...

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