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posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 05:45 PM
Let me take away your pain, your sorrow, your strife,
Let me take away the troubles of your average teenage life.
Let me hold you, as you cry and shake,
And talk you out of suicide for everyone’s sake.
Come close and hold me tight,
Transfer your pain,
It makes you feel right.
Don’t you worry about me,
As long as the world gets heavier,
You can clearly see.
Cuddle up to me, and let me bleed,
Squeeze me, and plant your seed.
I don’t blame you, no not at all,
You just don’t know what you do.
After you plant your seed, and walk away,
Your pains seem to have all gone away.
But where does my pain go. Where’s my vent.
Where is my escape, depression starts it’s descent.
I have run out of space, my tank is full,
I can still feel your seed strengthening is pull.
I carry the weight of your world on my mind,
But outside you can’t tell, I’m falsely kind.
The mask I wear is one of kindness,
My face is scared, scarred, bleeding, and emotionless.
Your pain will kill me,
It’s easy to see.
For me.

Thanks for looking, It's all I can expect.

[edit on 10-11-2006 by Ford Farmer]

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 05:50 PM
I'd just title it something very simple, such as 'Seed'

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 05:55 PM
Brought tears to my eyes.
I'd call it "Dad".


posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 05:59 PM
Do either of you know who to contact if You want to obtain "writer" status.
thank you lex

[edit on 10-11-2006 by Ford Farmer]

posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 03:10 PM
My pleasure, believe me.
As far as "writer status" ...imo, you've achieved it.


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