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Suicide Bombing and its Direct Link To Sexual Frustration !!!

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posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 08:14 PM

Originally posted by BitRaiser
I think this topic can be put to rest with a single simple observation...

Catholic priests still ascribe to celibacy.
They don't often blow things up.

Catholic priests have been known to engage in pedophilia and other forms of abusive behavior. Of course, that probaby has nothing to do with celibacy.

Sex is a natural and normal human need like water, food, or oxygen. We all know that prisoners put in solitary confinement go crazy from not interacting with other people. Well, people who do not get sex go crazy, too.

The problem cannot be solved by dropping a bunch of porn on the radical Islamic countries, but rather by having their society open up so young people can have healthy and normal interactions with the opposite sex. Young men are going crazy over there because they have never even seen a gir their own age (without a burqa), let alone go out on a date with one or have any other meaningful interactions with them. If these young guys had such interactions, they might calm down a bit. They would adopt femine values like compromise and discussion and stray away from masculine values like violence and domination.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 08:45 PM
I was wondering are Muslims allowed to masterbate? I know it sounds raw but sexual issues in a grown up attitude poses some interesting theories.
For a start if you get sexually fustrated you are bound to explode.
A priest does not become a pedophile because he is fustrated it's because that person always was one and tryed to get a job as a priest to expliot that. But on the other hand you see why Muslims have so many children because they probably have so much sex that they missed that the probability of conception becomes high. Not sure if Condoms are allowed in Islam either, could be another factor.

But if you are held sexually hostage and still in your 20s and trained to think you will meet all these virgins after death then you are bound to give in to the heavenly idea as their lives become so miserible that they will. If you notice most suicide bombers are in their early 20s, one ignorant and two fustrated or full of guilt. I think so many would kill them selves anyway because of the sytem they live in that the only difference is that they would rather take others with them. One reason why Iran should not go nuclear, they might all agree to self destruct and take half of man kind with them, even if they won't care does not mean we don't.

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posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 09:06 PM
I don't think it is lack of sex or masturbation that is making these young men go nuts, but lack of relationships with the opposite sex. Sexuality and sexual growth is not just about sexual intercourse and sex organs, it is about relationships of all kinds (romantic, platonic, and everything in between), conversation, courtship, hand holding, dancing, parties, etc. It is the lack of the social and psychological aspects of sexuality that is stunting their emotional and social growth, as well as frustrating them.

This sexual aspect of emotional and social growth cannot be underestimated. For example, if two little boys get into an argument, they will often resolve it by shoving, shouting, or fighting. In our culture, if an adolescent boy gets into a disagreement with an adolescent girl, he cannot resolve the dispute by shoving, shouting, or fighting because he will be shunned by all the other adolescent girl's in the group if he does. He has to solve the dispute peacefully, by compromising or discussing the dispute. In Western culture, boys who socialize with girls get the opportunity to learn this. In Islamic Fundamentalist culture, boys and girls are not allowed to socialize. Young men thus never learn to resolve disputes by means other than shouting, shoving, or fighting.

Whenever something that offends Muslims comes into the news like the Danish Muhamed Cartoons or the Pope's anti-Muhammed speach, the response by Islamic fundamentalists seems boy-like, a whole lot of shouting and threats of violence. Perhaps if these men were raised interacting with girls their entire lives, the response would be different.

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